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Horse Appointment

Equine therapy has positive benefits when dealing with 




Trust perspective 


Social skills


Spiritual connectedness










Equine Therapy includes making a connection to the animal, through handling, grooming, communing and spiritually attuning to the horse. Horses can shamanically-bond with you when you are making an effort. They recognize when you are reclaiming your strength, and vitality. They hold sacred space for aligning with your mentality, and clearing your inner pathway.


What to wear: 

Closed-toed flat shoes (boots/tennis)

Long pants

Casual attire 


When working with horses, you will gain valuable insights and clarity about yourself. Horses teach us empathy and a willingness to be vulnerable. 



Communication skills

problem solving skills

Expression of feelings 

Increased connection

Trust & Respect

Insights about yourself

Feeling content caring for the horse

Spiritual comfort 

Emotional reset

Intellectual self-care

Physical gratitude

Connection with Earth




To hug a horse is a "teddy bear hug". It creates satiation in our spirit. 




you can contact



So Cal | Los Angeles Area OR your barn and horse. I've conducted sessions at many different barns.


Horse therapy is effective in processing emotions and to form bonds of re-allowing trust and risk in our lives. If you've been depressed, anxious, lost or unsettled. This may be the therapy for you. You will be working with a gentle show horse on the ground without riding.There are also riding lessons available but not in the Horse Therapy Session.


Horse therapy is an easy way to get in touch with thoughts and feelings. Many people struggle with depression, loneliness and trauma. Re-learning ways to cope and soothe ourselves might be reaching out to a big warm fuzzy animal with an amazing big heart and who is non-judgmental. They don't care about the past, they live in the present and forward motion. Horses are not into blame, denial or drama. They want to enjoy you. And since their lives are as domesticated caged animals they want to find fulfillment in their time with us as we do with them. Truly unconditional, horses thrive when they emotionally facilitate us to become better humans. 


Horses are unique in how they sense our moods and emotions and react accordingly. Whether you are happy or sad, they will try and soothe you or stay quiet and hold sacred space for you. Horses have a similar dynamic of shutting down communication when they feel ignored, misunderstood and isolated. They are social animals and they may not speak English, but they are excellent communicators. You can hold fast to your old communication methods or develop new ones. 


Horses are large animals and can bring a variety of emotions out of you. One of them fear and another is being liked. This is their biggest fear too. You begin a process of bonding instead of escapism. They do not lie or manipulate, they do not judge or blame. They are healers. 

Session $200 USD

Package of 3 - $540 USD

Gift Certificates are Available

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Tarot Revealed: Finding your Purpose
US Sibley - Transits - July 4, 1776
Tara Sutphen

US Sibley - Transits - July 4, 1776

US Sibley Chart Transits - The United States is going through two of the most profound astrological transits: Pluto Return and Chiron Return. Both of those planets involve deep purging of darkness, abuse of power, fear, identity crisis, activation of collective wounding and rebirth. Although reaching a peak in 2022, these energies have been building and will continue to have a ripple effect for decades to come. Astrologers Tara Sutphen and Matthew Engel will discuss the profoundly transformative significance of the astrological transits impacting the US Sibly chart from 2020-2024 and beyond. What do these transits imply for the economy, global alliances, race relations, political turmoil and spiritual growth for everyone alive in the US today? Tara and Matthew address these issues and more. Post Download Quiz: 1. The US is experiencing which Pluto Return in the early 2020’s? a) 2nd b) 16th c) 1st d) 8th 2. Which transit building in 2022-2024 is replicating themes of healing and transformation from the early 1970’s? a) Pluto Return b) Chiron Return c) Saturn Return d) Uranus Opposition 3. Americans have the capacity to harness transformative power when they come together across factions and race as indicated by what influences in the US Sibley chart? a) Uranus in the 6th House b) Aquarius Moon c) Libra ruling the 11th House d) B & C 4. Scarcity mentality around resources and misuse of power through financial institutions is indicated through what influence in the US Sibly chart? a) Jupiter Conjunct Venus b) Mercury, North Node and Part of Fortune in the 8th House c) Chiron in Aries in the 4th House d) Pluto in the 2nd House 5. Collective wounding that leads to a feeling that we must fight for our sense of safety and security is indicated by what influence in the US Sibly chart? a) Chiron in Aries in the 4th House b) Capricorn ruling the 2nd House c) Libra at Midheaven d) Mars in the 7th House *The answers are in the video!
Lunar New Moon: Honing the Power of the Monthly New Moon
Tara Sutphen

Lunar New Moon: Honing the Power of the Monthly New Moon

The Dawn of a Lunar Cycle: Honing the Power of the Monthly New Moon People have been doing Moon rituals for all of eternity. But what does the lunar cycle have to do with your daily life and affairs? Are there inherent beginnings and endings woven in to the shadow and light of a lunar cycle? How can you harness this monthly ebb and flow to support your intentions, emotions, interactions, desires and manifestation? In Part 2 (separate download), we'll address the significance of the monthly Full Moon and how you can use it through each sign of the zodiac. New Moon Cycle Quiz: A primary opportunity of a New Moon is to? a) Take action b) Finish projects c) Go within and set intentions d) End relationships 2. A waxing moon means what? a) The first half of a lunar cycle b) The second half of a lunar cycle c) The day of a full moon d) The day of a new moon 3. What is the significance of the sign of the New Moon? a) It helps us release anything that isn’t serving us b) It sets the tone for that lunar cycle c) It represents the culmination of a year’s worth of work d) It has no relevance 4. If we wish to manifest something, it’s particularly helpful to plant seeds energetically when? a) The Moon is Full b) The Moon is New c) The Moon is in its waning crescent d) None of the above 5. Setting intentions for peace, beauty and harmony can most effectively be done when the New Moon is in which of the following signs? a) Aries b) Scorpio c) Virgo d) Sagittarius e) Libra *The answers are in the video!
Full Moon: Your Intentions
Tara Sutphen

Full Moon: Your Intentions

The Power of the Full Moon: In Part 2 of our Lunar Cycle Series, Matthew and Tara discuss the ways in which energy builds both monthly and semi-annually based on the polarity of lunar cycles. Learn how you can time your intentions and reap your harvests while rolling with the ebb and flow of lunar energy, culmination and release. Full Moon Quiz: 1. The Full Moon occurs at or within a few degrees of which of the following signs? a) The sign opposite the preceding New Moon b) The sign squaring the preceding New Moon c) The same sign of the preceding New Moon d) It has no relevance to the New Moon 2. Which of the following statements are most accurate? a) The New Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun and the Full Moon is in the same sign as the Sun. b) The New Moon is in the same sign as the Sun and the Full Moon is in the opposite sign as the Sun. c) The New Moon is illuminated by the Sun d) The Full Moon is hindered by the energy of the Sun 3. A Full Moon is a time of what? a) Completion b) Sleep c) Celebration d) Culmination 4. Which of the following statements is accurate? a) The Full Moon starts a new cycle. b) The Full Moon is a time of rest. c) The Full Moon culminates intentions that we may have set at a New Moon cycle 6 months earlier. d) The Full Moon can offer polarity for the intentions that we may have set during the preceding New Moon. e) C & D 5. A Full Moon in Scorpio is often a time of a) Redecorating your house b) Socializing c) Enhanced emotions which can lead to self awareness and transformation d) A new perspective on your health and fitness routine *The answers are in the video!
Money Themes part 3: Finding Purpose & Depth
Tara Sutphen

Money Themes part 3: Finding Purpose & Depth

Money Themes in the Birth Chart, Part 3: Finding Purpose, Passion and Value - Even When You're Not a Billionaire. As we finish our 3 part series on Money Themes, we'll look at the chart of an everyday person who never earned much money but who learned to draw from the dynamic power and unique strengths of her astrological chart to achieve deep meaning, a sense of purpose and happiness - with a surprise twist late in life. Money Talks Part 3 Quiz: 1. Areas of emphasis on personal integrity and spiritual depth for this individual include which of the following? a) A stellium of Scorpio planets in the 12th House b) Sagittarius Sun as the dominant planet in the chart c) Pluto and Chiron conjunct in the 9th House d) Saturn conjunct Jupiter e) All of the above 2. A chart placement that could indicate financial sustainability if not riches is? a) Part of Fortune conjunct North Node in Libra b) Neptune in Virgo in the 10th House c) Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd House d) The polarity of Scorpio/Taurus planets 3. One of the factors that could contribute to this individual finding success through friendships and community is? a) Virgo at Midheaven b) Part of Fortune conjunct North Node in Libra in the 11th House c) Pisces at the IC/Nadir d) The spiritual qualities of her 9th house planets 4. The karmic relationship between this individual and her child - whose chart is also mentioned - whereby the child would feel a great deal of duty and responsibility for his mother is indicated where in his (the child’s) chart? a) Being a Double Libra b) His Saturn conjunct his Moon in Cancer c) The polarity (opposites) of Moon placements between Mother (Capricorn) and Son (Cancer) d) The controlling nature of the mother having several planets in Scorpio 5. A powerful influence that would help give form to the Mother’s ability to manifest what she needs include all of the following, except? a) A Grand Trine between Neptune, Moon, and Uranus in earth signs b) Neptune helping to raise the vibration of possibility for a potentially brooding and disciplined Capricorn Moon c) Saturn conjuncting Jupiter to add a level of integrity, rules, focus and integrity. d) All of the above *The answers are all in the videos!
Astrology of a Billionaire, Money Part 2
Tara Sutphen

Astrology of a Billionaire, Money Part 2

Money Themes Part 2: Astrological Chart of Billionaire, Warren Buffett. In Part 2 of Money Talks, Matthew Engle and Tara Sutphen will explore the natal chart of a billionaire. Warren Buffett was born poor and didn't accrue most of his wealth until after the age of 50. In this fascinating talk, Tara and Matthew will explore through an astrological lens some of the early experiences, pain points, passions, creativity, and opportunities that played a role in Warren Buffett becoming one of the wealthiest people on Earth! Be sure to also check out Part 3 of Money Talks (separate download), in which we discuss the journey of attaining depth, purpose, passion and financial sustainability in life - albeit without the billions $$ Money Talks, Part 2 Quiz: 1. One influence that might indicate wounding pertaining to themes of money and self worth in Warren Buffett’s chart is? a) Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st House b) Chiron in Taurus in the 5th House c) Venus conjuncting the South Node in Libra d) Neptune conjuncting his Sun 2. A strong indicator that Warren Buffett could benefit strongly through business partnerships is? a) Moon in Sagittarius b) Mercury in Libra c) Pluto conjuncting Jupiter in the 7th House d) All of the above 3. During which transit(s) did Warren Buffett’s wealth really begin to expand? a) Saturn Return b) Pluto transiting Midheaven c) Chiron Return d) Jupiter conjunct North Node e) B & C 4. Which placement in his chart may have contributed to Warren Buffett feeling as though he wasn’t fully seen or well understood for who he was more intimately? a) Neptune conjunct Sun b) Chiron 5th House c) Moon on the 12th House Cusp d) All of the above 5. All of the following placements in Warren Buffett’s chart could indicate humanitarian tendencies - except? a) Strong Cancerian presence b) Neptune conjunct Sun c) Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st House d) Moon on the 12th House Cusp *The answers are in the video!
Money Themes in the Astrological Chart:  Part 1
Tara Sutphen

Money Themes in the Astrological Chart: Part 1

The Astrology of Money - Part I How do money themes show up in the birth chart? What are some of the major interpretive tools to assess how, when, and to what extent an individual will earn money? Are some people born to be rich, poor, or middle class? How does this change over time? Does everyone have the potential to be rich? How might we dissect money and value? This lecture is the first of a 3 part series. Each lecture is to be purchased and downloaded separately. In Part 2, we'll assess the astrological chart of Billionaire, Warren Buffett. In Part 3, we'll Interpret the chart of an everyday individual from a financial perspective. This person never earned a lot of money, but was able to find great meaning and depth in life as well as ultimate financial sustainability. Money Talks Part 1 Quiz: People who have no earth in their charts are destined to struggle with money. True or False? 2. Which of the following is a way to explore possible methods that an individual can earn money? a) The house placement of the Sun b) The number of planets in earth signs in the chart c) The significance/expression of the houses that have earth signs on their cusps d) A & C 3. Which house is traditionally thought of as the “money house” but also pertains to themes of material values and self worth? a) 1st b) 2nd c) 6th d) 10th 4. If a person has no planets or earth in the 2nd House of their birth chart, they’re likely to struggle financially. True or False 5. Which of the following variables can influence financial status? a) Jupiter conjunct Sun, Moon or Pluto in the natal chart b) Planets in the 2nd or 8th Houses c) Transits d) Progressions e) All of the above 6. The element of earth always indicates themes of money in the chart. True or False
Mars in Gemini/Retrograde, Aug '22 - March '23: What The Cosmic Battle Means for You
Tara Sutphen

Mars in Gemini/Retrograde, Aug '22 - March '23: What The Cosmic Battle Means for You

Mars in Gemini/Retrograde - Aug. 2022 to March 2023: The Battle of the Warrior and The Twins Mars will spend 7 months in the sign of Gemini with a retrograde cycle in the middle. The last time Mars was Retrograde in Gemini was in 2008. Tara and Matthew discuss potential pitfalls in communication, conflict, thoughts, perspectives, divisiveness, confusion, and direction as well as empowering tools and opportunities to gain clarity, focus, drive, heart-centered communication, and partnership. Mars in Gemini/Retrograde Quiz: 1. Mars typically spends about how long in each sign? a) 1 year b) 1 week c) 3 months d) 5 weeks 2. Mars goes retrograde how frequently? a) 3 times per year b) Annually c) Every 2 years d) Every 4-5 years 3. The archetype of Mars pertains to all of the following except? a) Self assertion b) Drive c) Fighting for ones truth d) Intuition e) Self expression 4. All of the following are examples of possible issues and themes that can occur while Mars is Retrograde in Gemini – except? a) Death and Rebirth b) Communication mishaps c) Arguments d) Temporary confusion around direction and intentions e) Clarity of needs and desires 5. One of the possible benefits of the post retrograde shadow period of Mars in Gemini is? a) Winning an argument b) Long distance travel c) Partnering with another who has complimentary viewpoints but mutual goals e) Ending a relationship *The answers to these questions and more are in the video!
Midheaven: Finding Your Way - Your Personal Brand
Tara Sutphen

Midheaven: Finding Your Way - Your Personal Brand

Midheaven in Action: Finding Your Way in the World - Your Personal Brand In Part 2 of this two-part series, Matthew and Tara discuss the significance of the Midheaven as an indicator of professional ambitions, status in society, unique talents and the contrasting relationship with the IC/Nadir discussed in Part 1. Quiz: 1. Astronomically, the relationship between the IC and MC can best be described as? a) An axis connecting two meridians b) The contrast between Northern and Southern Hemispheres c) Views of the Eastern and Western skies d) Facets of the monthly Lunar Cycles 2. Psychologically, the relationship between the IC and MC can best be described as? a) Masculine vs. Feminine traits b) Conscious Mind vs. Subconscious Mind c) Qualities we inherit from our families vs. how we establish differentiation and a role in society d) Varying expressions of our inner child 3. Which of the following is not one of the four angles in the chart? a) Ascendent b) Imum Coeli (IC) c) Midheaven (MC) d) Moon e) Descendent 4. In the sample chart for “Charlie Jones,” all of the following are indicators of the potential for strong professional drive and success except? a) 10th House Pluto b) 1st House North Node c) Jupiter conjunct Mars in the 2nd House d) Saturn in the 7th House 5. Which of the following statements are true? a) We find private retreat through the expression of the archetype ruling our 4th House b) Our professional ambitions or qualities pertaining to career are expressed through the archetype ruling our 10th House c) The mother or mother figures can be associated with 4th House and the father or father figures can be associated with 10th House d) All of the above e) None of the above
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