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Equine therapy has positive benefits when dealing with 




Trust perspective 


Social skills


Spiritual connectedness 


Equine Therapy includes grooming the horse, spiritually attuning to the horse, meditating 


What to wear: 

Closed-toed flat shoes (boots/tennis)

Long pants

Casual attire 


When working with horses, you will gain valuable insights and clarity about yourself. Horses teach us empathy and a willingness to be vulnerable. 



Communication skills

problem solving skills

Expression of feelings 

Increased connection

Trust & Respect

Insights about yourself

Feeling content caring for the horse

Spiritual comfort 

Emotional reset

Intellectual self-care

Physical gratitude 



To hug a horse is a "teddy bear hug". It creates satiation in our spirit. 




you can contact

Arielle at


So Cal | Los Angeles Area


Horse therapy is effective in processing emotions and to form bonds of re-allowing  trust and risk in our lives. If you've been depressed, anxious, lost or unsettled. This may be the therapy for you. You will be working with gentle horses on the ground, which means no riding.


Equine therapy is an easy way to get in touch with thoughts and feelings. Many people struggle with depression, loneliness and trauma. Re-learning ways to cope and soothe ourselves might be reaching out to a big warm fuzzy animal with an amazing big heart and who is non-judgmental. They don't care about the past, they live in the present and forward motion. Horses are not into blame, denial or drama. They want to enjoy you. And since their lives are as domesticated caged animals they want to find fulfillment in their time with us as we do with them. Truly unconditional, horses thrive when they emotionally facilitate us to become better humans. 


Horses are unique in how they sense our moods and emotions and react accordingly. Whether you are happy or sad, they will try and soothe you or stay quiet and hold sacred space for you. Horses have a similar dynamic of shutting down communication when they feel ignored, misunderstood and isolated. They are social animals and they may not speak English, but they are excellent communicators. You can hold fast to your old ways of communication or you can develop new ways. 


Horses are large animals and can bring a variety of emotions out of you. One of them fear and another is being liked. This is their biggest fear too. You begin a process of bonding instead of escapism. They do not lie or manipulate, they do not judge or blame. They are healers.