Workshops & Training


Tara has been facilitating workshops and empowering people to deeply connect with their soul's calling, develop their psychic abilities, erase their deep-seated fears and blocks, to manifest their soulmates, and much more for over 30 years.

The sharing that takes place in her workshops is transformational. Whether you are connecting with animals, other people, your mystic, guides, and masters, or your higher self, you will find yourself overwhelmed with laughter, deeply aware, and feeling your connections are finally crystal clear, honest, and true. 

Click here to book your spot in an upcoming seminar, for a private workshop with Tara, or to schedule a Psychic Party or  request Tara to Officiate a Ceremony.


4 Days, 1-4 People Tara will hypnotize you to prepare you for opening your senses and to reach the next level of your abilities. You can learn from Tara alone or bring in a few other students who would like to learn too. Be mentally prepared as we will be overturning every stone of your life. You will learn to hypnotize others and will be proficient in the art within the days of study. You'll be taught Clininical & Psychic Hypnosis techniques, certified by Tara upon completion

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