By Tara Sutphen


Tara guides you toward Empowerment. You are to say Yes to life, and create time to replenish yourself with confidence and fortitude. 


Some of the Spoken Suggestions

You make room in your life to manifest abundant joy, abundant love, abundant sex, and abundant monetary resources. You say “YES” to life. You always create the time to do what replenishes you. You attain balance and harmony by fulfilling your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. You are resourceful, tenacious and determined. And you have a life-affirming, uplifting attitude. You are authentic in your responses to life situations. You make room for miracles in your life. You’re strong, powerful and confident. You replace negative beliefs with a self-affirming attitude. You trust your intuitive powers. You feel young and enthusiastic and energetic, and you have the strength to do what you need to do. And you have the courage to say “NO” when you need to. You seek out and surround yourself with people who lift your spirit.

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  • Empower your Greater Self

    You are to say "Yes" to Life