Indra Astrological Report

Indra Astrological Report


Indra Natal Astrology Chart
Your Birth Chart Reveals Your "True Self"
This incredible astrological birth chart is very comprehensive and includes interpretations of factors such as fire/earth/air/water emphasis and house placement, plus other factors giving a broader overview of the chart rather than just a "cookbook analysis."
An astrology chart like this can help you to fully understand who you are and why you act and feel the way you do. It will point out what motivates and restricts you. It can also indicate directions that might greatly increase your potential for success and happiness. When you see that the chart has accurately revealed your basic character and personality, it will help you to accept who you are, while showing you what you need to do to become more. Reports average approximately 25 pages.
Indra Chart . . . . . . . . . . . AST1

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