Love LifeForce Activation MEDITATION


Love LifeForce Activation MEDITATION:


This Brain-Mind Program promotes Love. You can reframe your mind to release forlorn thoughts and to embrace admiration and optimum devotion. It's time to imprint "romance" on your soul. In this series, Tara uses Lifeforce Activation to enhance your passion and ardor. Be in constant improvement. Create solid emotion and intimacy, start to move in the right direction to gain clarity, balance and attainment of true and real love. Regenerate and rejuvenate your love nature to the deepest core of your being. You are taking steps toward emotion and attachment.


Suggestion Examples: You see others and they see you in the best possible light * You are clear about seeing others in their real personality and idiosyncrasies by viewing them as God would, see them as God sees perfection in others without blame and blemish * Build others as they build you, expect this, it is to be incorporated in your every day expectations of miracles * Incorporate seeing others in their divine essence * You are clear about your needs * You willingly compromise time and energy to enhance your life * You are open to love on it's highest level in your life * There are no limitations, allow love on all levels and meaningful relationships with romantic love, family love, and friendships to flourish * You enhance their life and they enhance your life * Feel the intensity, the energy of love enter every particle of your body, mind and soul * The energy of love  * and more


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  • Love LifeForce Activation MEDITATION

    This Love LifeForce Activation Meditation guides you to gain clarity, balance and attainment of true and real love.