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Rejuvenation & Regeneration

Enlighten, Enliven

This is dedicated to all women and men who struggle with any aspect of low self-esteem or confidence issues. Everyone is a divine human. We have to work at it sometimes but all in all, we are perfect in the "eyes of God".

Seeking health in Body & Mind shouldn't be a hard task. Many people do find themselves in a vicious cycle of low self worth and lack of energy. Love can be painful. Health can be painful. Work can be painful. There is a certain amount of adversity to accompany bliss and fulfillment. How we get to our next stages can be a bit tricky since there is an inner fight with the self. To leave behind anxiousness, we are to generate a peacefulness deep within ourselves. We once again must soothe the mind and make a concerted attempt to remedy our worries. It serves us to allow for Regeneration and Rejuvenation. We can literally look and feel younger the more we reactivate our attitudes and continue to modify our patterns.

In these Offerings are mind enhancing mp3 Meditations to re-direct thoughts and establish healthy patterns. We can find ourselves stuck and the easiest way out is taking the time to "feel" what direction is best. To "feel" what choice is best for you. Isn't it time you started to move toward progressive decisions? It's time to cure fear and soothe or cure inertia, upsets and uplift our spirit. The human condition is to float in a sea of possibilities, we are here to seek answers and to reactivate our lifeforce over and over again.

We hope you enjoy all the natural products and fresh ideas we've found to catalyze your physical rebirth!

Love & Blessings,

Tara Sutphen

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