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Happy Winter Solstice ❄️

Winter Solstice & Yule By Tara Sutphen

Dec 21: The Winter Solstice is a celebration of the heart, vessel of our dreams. Through the darkest time on the planet we are to find solace once again, returning to our inner resting place. Gallantly gazing upon our life’s daily uncertainty and unknowing future. May the earth fold us in comfort away from any harshness. As the light dims we are to harmonize and begin to sincerely replenish our hearts and minds. The pagans called this holiday Yule, where the people of Europe and Scandinavia made festive. It is not considered religious. The pagans were naturalists, such as the Native Americans and other indigenous communities around the world. They followed the course of the sun, the moon and cycles of the seasons for planting food and generally planning survival strategy. As winter comes we recognize our need to rest our minds, hearts and bodies while warming at the hearth. And as we come back out of the darkest day-night of the year and begin to gain more minutes of sunlight and replenishment each day. We linger for a glimmer of light to awaken, reconnecting our spark to life, to the sun and the conviviality of our own beating heart. Recipes for Winter Solstice & Yule

Hot Apple Cider
 Juice Apples or Buy Apple Cider 6 cups Apple Cider ½ tsp whole cloves ¼ tsp ground nutmeg 3 cinnamon sticks Heat ingredients, simmer, strain & serve hot Hearty Stew
 1 ½ pounds Beef stew meat water ¼ c. flour Add tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, onion 1 tsp thyme 2 tbsp mustard Salt/pepper Cook until meat is cooked and vegetables are tender This can be a vegetarian dish if you prefer Squash Casserole
 6 c. diced yellow squash or zucchini Onion Garlic Salt/pepper Butter or oil Add into casserole dish Bake 325* bake until squash is tender 20-45 mins Alternative added ingredients into squash casserole Crushed crackers Cheese Sour cream Yule Log Cake
 10×15 inch jelly roll pan – line with parchment paper & butter the paper. Pre-heat oven 400* 4 eggs room temperature 2/3 c. sugar — 7 minutes beat eggs while adding sugar 1 tbsp at a time Add sifted flour ½ c, to batter – stir don’t beat Add other ½ c. of flour – stir Pour into pan – BAKE 10 min. Do not overcook While hot- put cake into clean dish towel sprinkled with powdered sugar so it doesn’t stick. Remove parchment paper, still warm – roll the cake with the dishtowel in. Let cake cake cool. Unroll cake – spread desired filling, jam, or frosting onto cake and re-roll cake. Frost outside & decorate, Refrigerate to set overnight

Winter Solstice Spell 1 white candle Repeat: My Heart is the vessel of my dreams I gaze inward to my inner glow I look forward to my every need being met I look forward to all my problems being solved I look forward to what I seek will be found I look forward to genuine people entering my life I look forward to beautiful surprises Miracles abound, I believe In darkness I rest and dream in the light I enjoy my life behind me and before me I ask it, beseech it, mark it & so it is………

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