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Full Blood Buck Moon & Total Eclipse

Full Blood Buck Moon By Tara Sutphen The Full Blood Buck Moon at 4* Aquarius will culminate July 27, 2018 1:20pm pdt/4:20 edt (almanac). The current phase of the moon is a Waxing Gibbous (97.9% illuminated), 13.4 days old and at a distance of 405039 Km (251680 Miles). With this Full Blood Buck Moon there is a Total Lunar eclipse and in opposition to Mars. The Red Planet will appear brightest from July 27-31, as it makes its closest approach to Earth in 15 years. Mars will be a mere 36 million miles from Earth. When meditating with a lunar eclipse contemplate upon releasing an ailment, problems or controversy. it's better to make the choice then allowing the universe to make your decisions. We make an effort to set our personal intentions. The Blood Moon is indicative with a lunar eclipse and is a tetrad phase, where the suns light is refracted to appear red on the shadow. Mars is also at 4* Aquarius and with the red planet accompanying the Blood Moon, it will clearly be quite a celestial event. It also is the longest eclipse so far in the 21st Century. It is a time to set yourself free from what mentally has been holding you back. We have stamina and sustainment for life and it’s offerings. Looking toward the future, making new plans for your job and home life. Creating specific goals for health and conducive living day to day. You can heal on an in-depth level body, mind and soul. This is a reset button, it’s been a painful process but now it’s time to change course to continue goals and fulfill your purpose. How to plan ahead: Determine what you want Pros & Cons Detect your Dislikes What is Real, Hypothetical, or Dramatic Worst case Scenario Best case Scenario Possible Actions Journal Questions: 
Write in your journal for the full moon and throughout the month. Dreaming: · Do you remember your night time dreams? · Do you pay attention to your daydreams? · Do you have wishful thinking? · Do you have expectations? · Do others have expectations of you? Are you someone who moves your wishes into action? · Do you feel you create a plan and easily bring those plans into fruition? · How do you do it? · How do you feel when you accomplish what you want? What areas do you feel accomplishment? (write a sentence, paragraph or more) · Money · Love · Friendship · Family · Happiness · Wisdom · Knowledge · Exercising · Eating well · Good Health · Fun · Beauty What is your first impression about yourself in these areas? (write a sentence, paragraph or more) · Money · Love · Friendship · Family · Happiness · Wisdom · Knowledge · Exercising · Eating well · Good Health · Fun We get a second chance to gain a burst of energy to make plans and create goals. Determining what we use to like before all the conditioning and programming began, it’s time to readjust and know we’ve been given a break. It’s all viewpoint and we can now head toward our dreams. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive , and go do it. Because he wold needs people who have come alive. ~Howard Thurman - Theologian (1900-1981)

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