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Musings of a Girl with a Spiritual Guitar

Title: Musings of a Girl with a Spiritual Guitar Transformation with Tara 9am Pacific | noon Eastern Tara Sutphen’s Guest is Teri Garrison, Musician and Singer. She has just finished writing a vignette on Patsy Cline from a unique perspective. Having spent 15 years on the road off and on opening for Willie Nelson. She’s co-produced 6 CD's of her songs including 2 with Willie Nelson and 1 with David Lindley (Jackson Browne) and working on songs and in pre-production for her 7th CD. Join Tara & Teri at www.ctrnetwork.com #transformationwithtara #tarasutphen #terigarrison #singer #musician #hypnotherapy #ihypnotherapy #psychic #ctrnetwork #contacttalkradio #iheartradio #spotify @tarasutphen @tara_insight  

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