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a sentiment of thank you…

I was taking a look at Robin Williams Astrology, born to be famous…wow…thats for sure. He was crawling out of his skin with his aspects this weekend. His sun was at his natal pluto in the 12th house, and with an extra dose of full moon potency at the opposition he was activated to cleaning up things, but obviously and sadly didn’t act out in a positive direction. Especially with all his water sign feelings and angst progressed in fiery signs to move it out and through. We would think he had a lot of support in his life, but in reality he might’ve acted out alone as he was born with a chart that lacked real friendship. Not to confuse that with real love as we do see women who stuck with him or the people who helped make his career. Though he probably wasn’t an easy guy to live with, if he wasn’t working and moving he didn’t know what to do with himself, his secrets and personal demands were many. I only peeked at the chart without working a few other mathematical equations for more pertinent information, but basically for Robin Williams there were lots of things going on strongly in his astrology in the last 3 years. I’m sorry I’m not advertising more with the MD Ive teamed with, as we work specifically with hard to crack cases and anyone interested can contact me. Rest in Eternal Grace Robin Williams and May your friends and family’s hearts be filled with love and understanding. Now for us: the Joe Public to gain insight on what lessons we need to learn and to be in gratitude for all the laughs. As we associated Robin Williams with a laugh and not a tear. He was one of our role models in the glaring public, a figure of happiness.

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