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Ask Adena – Tara Sutphen Guest

Ask Adena – Tara Sutphen Guest

EVENT DETAILS Ask Adena – Tara Sutphen Time: March 23, 2015 from 8am to 9am Location: internet Website or Map: http://CTRNetwork.com Phone: 877-230-3062 Organized By: Adena Bannick – HOST

EVENT DESCRIPTION Welcome and Join me as I interview Tara Sutphen, American Mystic, and to me, First Lady of Metaphysics, as we discuss her long and stellar career and achievements . Tara has her own show on the CTRNetwork on Fridays 9 AM pst called Transformation. ” Tara interviews top personalities that guide us into deeper understanding , sharing new and wonderful antidotes to maneuver ourselves through sometimes puzzeling situations or environments. ” On a personal level, I listened to Tara’s tapes when i was just starting out on my path, and we were born the same year, so I have felt as if i have grown along side her.

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