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Discovering Your Own Magic Retreat

Tara Sutphen & Scott Grossberg Seminar


Meet and share with American mystic, author, and talk show host Tara Sutphen and celebrated intuitive, peak performance, and transformational master Scott Grossberg for a 4-day intensive workshop and retreat!


When: February 22 – February 25, 2013 Where: Calabasas, California Location (sleeping accommodations on your own except for 2 room rentals on premises)

Here’s your chance to finally discover, devise, and direct your inner power, your emotional energy, and your magical abilities. “Discovering Your Own Magic” gives you the time, teaching, tips, and motivation to learn spellbinding skills and invent the life you want to lead.

Imagine walking away from this four-day intensive workshop and retreat with:

•    Tara’s full moon ceremony and meditation technique •    Scott’s oracle cards – The Deck of Shadows – and full instruction on how to give readings with them •    Powerful self-hypnosis techniques to magnify and intensify your intuition •    A deep understanding of labyrinths and how to use them to discover and stimulate your imagination, creativity, and decision making •    Irresistible methods for giving yourself more energy and confidence

Once you have attended this incredible retreat, you will have your very own magical tools to use for the rest of your life!

This program is not for everyone. This is a very passionate, spirited, and intense four days for people who want to get individualized and personal instruction from Tara and Scott. The result will be a group of high-level individuals with the keys to making their dreams come true.

Here’s how the retreat and workshop will work . . .

You will need to arrive at Calabasas (you will be given the address privately once you confirm your participation) each morning by 9am.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you will dive right in with Tara and Scott for some amazing hands-on training. You will be given a break during lunch to travel into town to have some time to yourself. That evening you will do a Full Moon Celebration.

Monday, you will spend the day with Tara for some gentle yet focused spiritual and psychic development.

What this retreat can mean for you . . .

Imagine being in Calabasas with Tara and Scott with a group of like-minded and impassioned people. All of you want to learn the skills to help your spirit and “knowing” emerge to the next level of growth. You will be sharing four continuous and life changing days with two of the most enthusiastic and rousing teachers on the planet. At the end, you will have formed life-long magical skills . . . and friendships.

A couple of things you need to know about this retreat . . .

Space for this program is limited. We must have at least 10 people to conduct it and won’t allow more than 20 to attend.

Tara and Scott have the sole discretion to decide who is accepted to attend. This retreat is for those who are ready for an in-depth period of concentrated wisdom.

If you want to attend, simply email Tara.

COST: $1,950. usd per person

Tara Sutphen is an Author, World Renowned Psychic, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She’s recognized as a Shamanic “Way Clearer” reprogramming behavior, fears and limiting beliefs. Tara is celebrated for her Books, CDs, Mp3s, Dvds and Radio Show. She is in private practice and loves to teach the ways of old.

Scott Grossberg is an Author & Motivational Magician. Scott is an accomplished thought leader. He has followed a lifelong study of symbols, metaphors, images and meanings of life. Scott has also achieved extraordinary success in the business world as a business owner, entrepreneur, and lecturer. He’s earned both a degree in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Law. Scott has released three bestselling and critically acclaimed books, “The Masks of Tarot,” “Bauta: Betraying the Face of Illusion,” and “The Vitruvian Square: A Handbook of Divination Discoveries.” “The Deck of Shadows” – his oracle/divination cards contain a “soul” of their own.

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