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Full Beaver Moon

Full Beaver Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Beaver Moon (Native American) at 8* Gemini will culminate, November 30, 2020 1:30am PST/4:30am EST (Farmers Almanac). It is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. When we have an eclipse, it’s time to change or let go of something holding us back. Take time to meditate on what you’d like unblocked or cleaned up in your life as it brings something exciting or illuminating to each of us.

This Full Beaver Moon is about Communicating on a deeper level. What has been hidden from you will come to light. Something you might have held back will be discussed or revealed. How do you rate yourself as a communicator. Do you have many secrets. What if there are secrets revealed to you. How do you react. Emotionally we aren’t always in touch with how we communicate and if it can be improved upon.

Communication Tips:

There are simple ways to develop how to speak when we want to be heard. We don’t always convey the most important topics to each other and being a good communicator takes effort. Being able to articulate a concept, solution or decision isn’t always easy. Knowing how to get our point across especially when someone doesn’t see things quite the same as you do can be frustrating. It’s not about dominating a conversation. It’s better to have quality speaking rather than quantity chit-chat. At times there is no way around having a lot of chatter with each other. Humans like the sound of each other, but are they listening? Are you listening?

When we take the time to listen, we can learn to do things correctly in our lives. From book learning to listening to elders and skilled authorities in any subject. If we listen intently enough, we progress with contributing to our security and well-being. We don’t always get an answer, but we can grow emotionally, intellectually and learn how to take care of ourselves and others. It’s always important to know how to listen and speak when we want to be successful.

Being a leader and doing significant work are important, but to be effective we need to know how to put into practice our communication skills. 

1. Inner Knowing

What are you interested in? Are you building your self-esteem and confidence. What are your personal skills that you’ve developed. They don’t need to be academic or athletic skills, they can be being a good friend, mother, father or liking pets.

2. Sincerity

Connect with others when they are speaking. Your mind takes breathes, so you don’t always hear everything someone is saying to you. It’s easier in life if you are kind and leave everyone with a smile or appreciation.

3. Consistency

We don’t do any favors to anyone if we can’t keep our word, pull our weight and practice what we preach. Emotional Consistency is a key ingredient to lasting happiness. Integrity to your family and those you love are important.

4. Compromise

Knowing how to share.

5. Listening

Building a bond

6. Be Polite

Everyone deserves respect.

7. Ask & Receive

Effectively ask questions. The Answers might not always be from the person you asked but if we are patient the answer will not elude us.

8. Sharing

When we help and support others. Others help and support us.

9. Teaching

When we contribute what we know, we allow others to create a way to take care of themselves. Everyone interprets their way of doing things.

10. Do not interrupt

Listen more than talk

11. Ask questions

Be interested about others and our world

 12. Curiosity

Don’t lose your curiosity, stimulate your mind by learning new things. It's considered one of the key things to staying youthful.

Journal Questions:

Secrets you carry:

  • yourself

  • others

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Work arena

  • Neighborhood

  • City

  • State

  • Country

  • World

Are you seen as Constructive or Destructive Communicator?

  • House

  • Love

  • Family

  • Parents

  • Mate

  • Children

Where do you build your life:

  • Love

  • Career

  • Job

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Happiness

  • Exercise

How can you communicate in your personal life or work life: List 3 things if not 3 sentences

  • Love

  • Career

  • Job

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Happiness

  • Exercise

 Your Aspirations:

  • Spiritually

  • Emotionally

  • Intellectually

  • Materially

  • Physically

What Inspires you:

(5 sentences or more)

Who Inspires you:

(5 people and why)

_____ You are given advice and wise choices everyday. But are you listening? Do you eat your greens to promote your Lifeforce, do you meditate and rest, do you exercise and eat enough to promote your inner fuel to give you the impetus to be strong. Do you study what interests you, do you work at a job you like, are you employed by fair and decent people, are your friends constructive or destructive in your life… the list goes on and on. Choices.

What is our recourse. Generally everyone is afraid of making mistakes, but do we make the best selections when we weigh all our options? Where is there opportunity and sometimes with risk, or possibilities of peace. It’s what we decide we’re willing to develop through creating our own reality. We can pinpoint lucidity or go round and round in confusion. Never knowing what we want or making a commitment. We could weigh ourselves down or make the decision of what we want.

—— “Everyone is like a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” ~Mark Twain

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