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Full Blue Dog Days Moon

Full Blue Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Dog Days “Blue” Moon at 8* Pisces will culminate August 31, 2012 6:58am PDT/9:58am EDT (farmers almanac). A Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in one calendar month.

At the beginning of the August’s Full Moon, we were to focus on our intentions and possibilities. Now at the end of the month, we are to give way to scrutinize “a real time” of introspection, undo the unshakable, questioning unhappiness, sorrow and regrets. In our society, we’ve come to think depression is natural, but it isn’t; we’re ‘not’ to feed on insecurities and fear. We are given reasoning skills, and when trouble begins we are to reposition and stop obstacles before they become serious. It’s easier said than done, of course. And you can cry, it’s just not good to keep crying. We can experience breakdowns in all matters, and need to allow ourselves to outthink misfortune and stay sensible. With this moon, we reflect on what bothers us, preparing to sway our minds and hearts. With Autumn coming we will soon begin the preparation of winter and manifesting survival. Rationally, our responsibilities on earth should be easily self-propelled and connected to trust. When we clear the air, we begin to precede.

What happens when making unsuitable choices or being wounded by unpleasantness; becoming bewildered, lost and afraid. We can find ourselves wallowing in dejection and misdirected rage. We are all aware that there are many terrible things that happen in the world. Some events we have control, and most of it, we do not. For every sadness we’ve personally experienced we look upon them and reason, why me, why did they have to happen. We are hurt and can be reeling by others thoughtlessness or uncertainty. And yet it is how we handle the anxiety, the challenge that is the test. And we pass or fail. We can rebury our pain, but it would be better to find the pathway to set our dilemma’s free. The question may be to ask our self, how am I reacting to the difficulties in my life. Am I self-destructive or finding my way out.

There are solutions to ‘everything’. We know the difference of thriving and failing. We know when love falls short, realizing we loved and it wasn’t reciprocated. We can go to a job and work very hard and not to be appreciated. We can try and better ourselves and our peers are putting us down. We must forge through, as the bounty of the earth is ours by birthright. We are deserving of love, money, happiness, freedom, security, wisdom, and great health. Did we consider when and where our troubles began, knowing our decisions shape our life. Sometimes learning to say the word ‘no’ is helpful. Not allowing our time and energy to be abused is valuable. And we can start to fix those areas of our health and well being. Are we taking care of our self. Unlock the darkest and deepest part of you. Only you have the key…

Journal Questions:

  1. Write 5 dark secrets you harbor about yourself

  2. Write 5 dark secrets you harbor about others

  3. Who hurt your feelings and why

  4. Why was this person important

  5. What makes them important

  6. How can you fix this situation in your mind

  7. How did it mold your current attitude

  8. Has it made you a better person

  9. Has it made you a fearful person

  10. How can you heal your mind

  11. How can you heal your heart

  12. How can you heal your issues

People who have hurt your feelings:

  1. Why were you attached to them

  2. What makes them more special to you

  3. What are your intellectual reasons for or against this person

  4. What are your feelings for or against this person

  5. What are the lessons

  6. Are the lessons worth the pain or suffering

  7. Do they suffer over you

  8. Why do you need to hang on to these sentiments

  9. How does it serve you

  10. How do they dis-serve you

  11. Are you in touch with your feelings

Are you in touch with your daydreams

Feeling hurt in general by:

Write 5 sentences with each – 1. Upset sentence 2. Intellectualize sentence, 3. your feelings sentence 4. How to fix sentence 5. Sentiment sentence

  1. The job

  2. The family

  3. The relatives

  4. The friends

  5. Career

  6. Health

  7. Money

  8. City you live in

  9. Country you live in

  10. Problems

  11. Anxiety

  12. What makes you happy

  13. Hobbies

  14. Time

  15. Spirit

  16. Heart

  17. Mind

  18. Sex

  19. Love

  20. Exercise

  21. Food

  22. Wasted time

  23. Constructive time

  24. Relaxing

  25. Laziness


Write a list of problems-

  1. Give a reason why the problem exists

  2. Explain your disdain for the problem

  3. What is the solution to the problem

  4. Are you doing the solution

  5. What is your justification if not

  6. There are many fixes, think & act

No Fear

We can all be locked in delusion, not really knowing why the things that happen to us do. How we are saved or fated. We all have been hurt, we all want to scream, cry and wrestle with our lives. ‘Everyone’ feels this way. We know to reason and allow good into our daily reality. We see people get up and survive against all odds. We see them do it, leaving chaos and difficulties behind. Honor your past, it’s made you who you are… and it’s time to let go of what holds you back, Meditate deeply.

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity. ~Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychiatrist, Psychologist and Founder of the Analytic Psychology, 1875-1961)

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