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Full Hunters Moon

Full Hunters Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Hunters Moon (Native American) at 7* Taurus will culminate October 29, 2012 12:50am PDT/3:50pm EDT (Farmers Almanac).

This Full Hunters Moon we are to focus on what we find beautiful in the world and how our relationships shape that view. We really are supposed to make concerted effort. To heal our hearts from the situations we find or have found ourselves. We open our minds to develop security, comfort and money, allowing others to support us while we support them. We try to understand what makes a wonderful human being. Sometimes we forget to share. And it’s in giving that we receive, even though you may give and not get back. You will always obtain, if not received from the original source than from another experience. No longer should we be lost in belief and allocation of certain protocol, just because your relatives or society taught you to fear or withhold. Cast away feelings of inadequacy. We live in a world of limitless possibility and need to be attentive for lovely surprises.

The essence of compassion shining through us is much more noteworthy in our humanness. A laugh or a smile can change an outlook in an instant. Communicating kindness can bring happiness and goodwill. Your spirit and voice are tools. There can be many people who show us their less desirable sides, be aware of your objectives. Jealousy and resentment are real. Intellectually we discern our course and focus, and until we understand despair, injury, fear and dying, only then do we become moderate with our judgments. It may take moments, weeks or years to settle our minds, spirits, and reopening our hearts to love and be loved. You are to stick up for yourself without attachment. You don’t have to be satisfied with being passive, you can assert and defend yourself. But as you affirm your desires and wishes you are allowed a plethora of decisions, for to seek the illumination of love in your deepest self is to restore virtue and true beauty of the heart. Never let others break your spirit, be enriched as you grow along your earthly journey.

Journal Questions:

Explain in paragraphs –

  1. What brings your heart joy

  2. Who has hurt you and why

  3. How can you heal all your sadness

  4. Can you allow grief to be reframed as learning

  5. Can you allow your attachments to be transformed into experience

  6. Can you allow your loved ones to be unconditionally loved by you

  7. What are your earthly wishes

  8. What is your other worldly wishes

  9. What is eternal grace mean to you

  10. What is existence of love mean to you

  11. Love, who is it for you

  12. Love, what does the concept mean

  13. How do we heal love

  14. How do we heal our emotional trauma

What has given you emotional trauma and why:

  1. The job

  2. The family

  3. The relatives

  4. The friends

  5. Career

  6. Health

  7. Money

  8. City you live in

  9. Country you live in

  10. Problems

  11. Anxiety

  12. What makes you happy

  13. Hobbies

  14. Time

  15. Spirit

  16. Heart

  17. Mind

  18. Sex

  19. Love

  20. Exercise

  21. Food

  22. Wasted time

  23. Constructive time

  24. Relaxing

  25. Laziness

  26. Upsets

How do you heal your relationships

  1. Intellectual compatibility

  2. Emotional compatibility

  3. Spiritual compatibility

  4. Sharing events

  5. Laughing together

  6. finding solutions to problems together

  7. sharing meals

  8. easy time sharing

  9. listening to their problems

  10. they listen to you

Process your emotions full circle, bring yourself into the whole self. No effacement or harshness. You are creator of great beauty in the world. You are someone who holds the key to magnificent love. Recognize and Love Yourself…

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”.~Rumi

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