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Full Pink Moon


Full Pink Moon

By Tara Sutphen

Full Pink Moon (Native American) at 17* Libra will culminate April 06, 2012 12:20pm pdt / 3:20am edt (almanac).

This Full Pink Moon is about stepping into our best companionable and comfortable self. What is it that we are trying to achieve when truly being an individual. We think of ourselves as a solid being. When we Like, we Like. When we Love, we Love. When we Learn, we Learn. And when we are unsure of others motives and tactics, we can be cautious and disappointed. When do we trust others, or is it to trust our self. If you risk and love, you can say you took a chance at life and the offerings. We should cast our bold selves running forth through the wind, thinking by chance we will meet people who are in line with our destiny. As we don’t seem to know how we come to be around the people we are related or acquainted with…those strangers who happen to come into our lives and private worlds.

We are all visitors and guests on earth. Initially, we are attracted or brought together through like-minded and synchronistic circumstances. Repeatedly, we admire others sensibilities and gracious ways, and wonder what conduct and character traits we possess and how we are “seen”. Where are we considered exceptional and special. Isn’t it within us to try and treat those chosen to be our friends, lovers, colleagues, family and admirers in the best possible way. Often we want to, but do we. Due to our conditioning and programming, we set forth our agenda on how we behave toward others and how they indulge us. We either step in to be accepted or misunderstand. And we will reason many times in our lives, why we feel the need to be liked or loved.

We’re to remember the divine light shines within all beings, even when we think we are alone and forsaken. We can be so unsure of ourselves. Needing a boost of awareness and others kindness. Are we conditional with our expectations or can we learn to be unconditional. When do we need to stick up for ourselves, or step away from negative situations. The road signs teach us to take a turn at the crossroad. We can learn the pertinent cues of purpose and pleasure. And the more we coordinate and know when to hang on and when to let go. Knowing we’re in a test. How we pass or fail. For to learn the ways of communication, meaning and love is a process and not everyone we care about or for will be with us throughout our journey. The target of our objectives and goals should be to gain merit, respect and appreciate whose thoughtfulness touch us.

Journal Questions:

List your likability

1-5 pages in your journal

  1. Who likes you

  2. Why

  3. Who do you like

  4. why

List your lovability

1-5 pages in your journal

  1. Who loves you

  2. Why

  3. Who do you love

  4. why

How are you misunderstood

  1. Write 10 misunderstandings

Are you honest in your dealings with others

  1. Why

  2. Why not

  3. Honestly give yourself answers

Awareness and Attraction

  1. Are you attracting the right kind of people

  2. Are you aware of how you sabotage yourself

  3. Are you aware of how you honor yourself

  4. Are you aware of the way your mind activates

  5. Are you aware how actions speak louder than words

  6. Are you always saving others

  7. Are others always saving you

  8. What kind of friendships do you make

What makes a friendship

  1. Are they loyal

  2. Are you loyal

  3. Do you easily come together with others

  4. Do others come easily toward you

  5. Do you have trouble making friends

  6. why

What kind of lovers do you choose

  1. What traits do you require

  2. Are you in a committed relationship

  3. What traits of this person do you love

  4. Do you stay true

  5. Do they stay true

Parents and Love

  1. How do your parents love

  2. How do they love you

  3. How do you love them

  4. How do you love your mother

  5. How do you love your father

  6. Are they good people

  7. Who is good

  8. Who is bad

  9. Why

  10. Are there problems because of drama

  11. Who is dramatic

  12. Are problems made into a defeat

  13. Are problems made into a victory

  14. Are your parents wise

  15. Are your parents living life

  16. How did they take care of their health

  17. How did they take care of their jobs

  18. What do you admire about them

  19. What do you think are their greatest mistakes

  20. Are you like them

  21. List where you carry some of their patterns or programming


  1. What are your friends like

  2. Who is good for you

  3. Who is bad for you

  4. Why

What is your job like

  1. Do you work as a team with other people

  2. How do people treat you at work

  3. Are you happy at work

  4. explain

We will expect people to come and go in our lives. There are frivolous days of people throughout our social schedules and events. There will be unusual people who try to block every move and create havoc. And there are those fascinating, that we can’t hold on to. There will be some people who lock us in some kind of dismal grip, and be hard to get rid of. And there are those that can’t get rid of us. And when it’s time to let go of people, we will need to grant our sweet friends and family a life they need to live. Many will never look back, no matter if you think they should. You will want joy for all, and some will not know how to find it. We all can’t live for another, but we can love. There will be the extraordinary ones, those so special in our hearts we will never be prepared to let them go. The soul’s dearest to us, this sentiment is the one we search for…

“To be rich in admiration and free from envy, to rejoice greatly in the good of others, to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence or unkindness – these are the gifts which money cannot buy” ~Robert Louis Stevenson (Scottish Essayist, Poet and Author of fiction and travel books, 1850-1894)

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Standing Before The Moon Ritual

Standing Before

The Moon Ritual Meditation & Sleep Programming

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