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Full Singing Moon

Full Singing Moon By Tara Sutphen

Full Singing Moon (celtic) at 19* Pisces will culminate September 12, 2011 2:27am pdt/5:27am edt (almanac). This Full Moon is a time of deep ponderance and connecting to your spiritual self. How blessed have you been feeling lately. Recalling to combine the soul essence with physical being. We sometimes forget to unite the essential components of ourselves. We can visualize our cells being permeated with sacredness and purity while integrating body strength with our wisdom and trust. Include emotions, as we need continuous reminders to keep ourselves in balance. Why do we tumble down the rabbit hole at times instead of climbing to the highest mountain of elevated potential. Where is it that we don’t offer our uppermost capability. Is becoming competent a learned behavior and may not be natural. The mind has no recollection of what is real and what is fantasy. Thoughts are things, so it’s very important to create the soul agreement of destiny as relevant, saying and doing — physically trying our best to step into a good quality life and progress. No more stumbling forth, only reveling in grace. What does mastering your life mean to you. Are you the temple of your body, mind and soul. Integration of thoughts and actions, knowing what is truth for you, and if you aren’t living it today you can start in an hour or so. It is never too late to co-create with the power of the God Light. Alignment with all life offers us part of the holy experience to fully appreciate what is outside of us and delving into our personal secret places within. Inside, you have a knowing of many answers to questions, these are from your subconscious and conscious self. Pain is difficult, never trite are these incidents. Life can be magical even at it’s most profane. And that is our hope, expectation and aspiration. Honoring the path of life, recognize and reconnect to your core being to your soul origin. All you, you to shine, the light of life energy.

Journal Questions: Are you trusting your life and decisions (write in depth…where you are honest and where you give yourself ‘white lies’) • Being honest with yourself • Being honest in your relationships • Being honest in your job choice • Being honest about your health List of your Ideas and Ideals • Love • Health • Beauty • Happiness • Career • Money • Relationships • Children • Friends • Home • Style What has to happen before you’ll change? • Relationships • Friendships • Money • Health • Love • Career Write 3 sentences about your spiritual self • Physical level • Emotional level • Intellectual level • Spiritual level • What is real in your life and what is wishful thinking? • Where are you sidetracking? • Do you worry about issues you can’t control? • What seems out of reach? • Are you taking care of your personal life and relationships? • Are you only sitting in a puddle of worry? • Are you creating change and proactive solutions? • How do you create proactive movement to secure your place in your environment or country? • How do you create workable solutions? • Do you take risks? • When you fight on the job, do you always need to be right? • What is right? • What if you are wrong or being emotional, can you come clean – at least with yourself? • Can you apologize? • Can you clearly create a new fine day? • Can you let all the unneeded upheaval you’ve experienced to live tomorrow successfully? Where do you shine in your life • Home • Work • Gym • Party • Hobby • Sport • Other Write 10 things you desire in your spiritual life Write 10 things you desire in your physical life Are they aligned? How can you align your spiritual with your physical being Breath of Life…the connection of who we were before birth and who we are now.

“Take this moment now, this moment of peace and calm, and breathe it in deep within your psyche. Make this feeling a part of your breathe. With each breath you breathe it is a part of you….This place of profound knowing.” ~Marla Maples

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