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Full Wolf Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Wolf Moon (Native American) at 5* Leo will culminate, January 25, 2024 9:54am pacific/12:54pm eastern (Farmers Almanac).

This Leo Moon is helping you become adventurous and curious again. You want answers to questions and your aspirations are higher than they’ve been in a very long while. You’ve decided shining in the world really is a good thing. Also self-accomplished when you’re recognized for your giving and charitable impulses. You don’t know where your life slowed down, but you’re ready for it to be filled with happiness and goodwill. You’re putting your best foot forward. This may be your actually walking outside your home experiencing spontaneity or maybe cooking and/or creating projects that will bring you joy. But joy it will be, you’re counting on it. When you actively develop your attitude, manners and activities, you are making concerted effort to make your life “happen”.

Creative ability starts with getting into the right mindset and being ready to begin. Organizing your thoughts and time seem to be a big part of generating ideas. Whether its through art, music.

Step 1:

Brainstorm, who and what inspires you and why. Gather material, writing in a notepad some of your ideas.

Step 2:

Gather materials or things you need to implement your ideas and plans.

Step 3:

There is a beginning, middle, and end. Start doing it. Take small breaks, keep going.

Step 4:

Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take yourself seriously enough. Critique with solutions, don’t be discouraged.

Step 5:

Completion, know what isn’t done and what is over done. What is the next stages of the projects journey…

Journal Questions:

3-5 sentences+ for each question.

How can you change sad or forlorn thoughts for content antidotes:




Actual person


Career change





Money problems

Bad habits


Health problems



People problems

Money problems

Relationship problems

Health problems

Personal issues

Bad habits


Career problems

Past choices



Where are you most ambitious:











inside maintenance

outside maintenance

person maintenance

place maintenance

thing maintenance

Your new viewpoint:

acceptance of yourself

acceptance of others

Spending too much time on others and not yourself

Spending too much time on yourself and not on others

Forward movement toward positive activities

Forward movement toward negative activities

-Time management, how long with each:











-When creating a project:

Breathing deeply a few times a day

Drinking more water

Taking a walk



Writing in a Journal

Creating a solution

Creating plans

Giving Hugs

Offering Smiles

Saying nice things to people

Waving here or there to people

Enjoying a color

Enjoying nature

Enjoying architecture

Complimenting your kids

Complimenting everyone

-Would you like to see a change:

What are you doing now

What job will you have next year

What job will you have in 5 years

What job will you have in 10 years

Do you stay with a career

Do you change careers often

Do you like jobs

Do you like responsibility

Do you like to be a boss

Are you a good boss

Are you a good employee

What makes you happy

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up

What is your career

What is your self confidence

What is your earning potential

What is your verve for life

Are you a winner

Are you sometimes winning

Are you winning yet losing

Are you losing but close to winning

What could make you win

What could make you content

—- We started as children wanting to create personal excellence. But programming, barriers and Low consciousness people hold you back from reaching greater heights. These include energy vampires, critical people, dishonest characters, and people with temperament issues. Let them go from your life and send them unconditional love as you do that. Invest yourself in the development of your consciousness, unlocking the subconscious, reactivating the super conscious and progressing forward to living a life well lived. Life is an exciting ride.

—–“Dont wait for inspiration. It comes while working. — Henri Matisse (1869-1954) Famous French Painter

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