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Happy Full Thunder Moon

Full Thunder Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Thunder Moon (Native American) at 17* Capricorn will culminate July 8, 2017 8:10PM Alaska – 9:10PM PdT/July 9, 2017 12:10AM EdT (Farmers Almanac/Moon Phases Calendar). The current phase of the moon is a Waxing Gibbous (99.3% illuminated), 14.0 days old and at a distance of 403957 Km (251007 Miles).

This Full Moon in Capricorn is all about coming into your organizational and coping skills as an individual, a family member, or co-worker. Cooperation and focusing upon “aims” is the theme this month. Many people think what they do only effects them, but there is a ripple that goes out to their families, friends and on the job. Conducting ourselves is in keeping with what intentions we want to accomplish. It is better to make up our minds and generate a plan, gently put concepts into arrangements. Some people do, but there is never a lone wolf person out there, it is a reminder what we do matters in relation to others. It is best to use some willpower as life can either lead us along or drag us. It is our choice. We become what we think, say and do. It is crucial to be in a position of gaining support as our strategies are put into action. It can be as simple as baking a cake, who is going to eat it. If you don’t have anyone to eat it. Organize a group to help you. It is much the same when it comes to the bigger targets of your determination, align your personal principles and values to bridge connections with others, events and improvements.

What kind of person are you? Who do you want to become? Are you a problem or is it someone/something else? Are you a Creator or a Destroyer? People speak badly about people, places or things and sometimes themselves, it isn’t in their highest good. There can be many problems with humans, events or a job, we’ve ignored the signs along the way and allowed dissension. What is past is just that. Realign, Regenerate, Rejuvenate. Create Organization and Resolutions. Its all about forward movement, it is our journey onward that matters. What gets us to an advanced state of being?

Honesty: Truth always wins, even when bullies are creating chaos. Do not engage in hostility or devious behavior. Turn away and release others bad behavior. Try never to be dishonest to yourself. Notice where you are standing, look down at your feet. What you say can be hurtful. What you do can be irreversible. There is reality and illusion. Click back into reality.

Happiness: Tuning inward toward your soul invites you to experience the spirit of life and its magnificence, learn to enjoy the simplest pleasures. The more you practice joy, it will naturally come…fake it until you make it.

Respect: Treat others how you want to be treated. Make it a learning experience on what you want or don’t want. Observe. Engage non- obtrusively. Be centered. Be understanding, people are fighting battles you have no idea about. Be mindful.

Courage: Be confident and secure in your own being. Know when to speak and when to stay quiet. Be in your inner knowing of staying still or moving forward into action. It takes a brave soul to have entered the atmosphere of earth and all the trials we embark upon, when you are acting with calm self-assurance you are seen as an example of those around you. People look up to others who are in active alignment to the planet.

Compassion: It is the key to true enlightenment. Everyone suffers. Start putting your hand out to help others up instead of pushing them down. Mercy is benevolent and will surely come back to those who give it. If we are graceful in our hearts and minds, we’d find the flow of life easier among our fellow man.

Journal Questions:

How do we get an elevated human level

How do you acquire knowledge

What age begins wisdom

When did you feel you gained some wisdom

How are you wise

Do you read

What do you read

What do you learn

What is wisdom to you

What is knowledge to you

Are you gaining understanding

Do you understand yourself

Do you understand others

Do you recognize

Your problems

Other Peoples problems

Money problems

Relationship problems

Health problems

Personal issues

Bad habits


Career problems

Past choices



How would you solve

Your problems

Other Peoples problems

Money problems

Relationship problems

Health problems

Personal issues

Bad habits


Career problems

Past choices



How are you organized in











inside maintenance

outside maintenance

person maintenance

place maintenance

thing maintenance

When you feel insecure

Do you have deep understanding of yourself

Do you have deep understanding of others

Who has taught you higher values and why















Regain your health! Practice for the following month and all your life if you want:

Breathing deeply a few times a day

Drinking more water

Taking a walk



Writing in a Journal

Creating a solution

Creating plans

— What takes away from our Soul and its objectives. We may think we have good judgement, which is perfectly fine when it comes to safety and well-being. But to overly judge everyone and everything is a waste of your minutes and hours. It might be time to take inventory of what is the next steps of success and spiritual advancement. Time is precious…

—- “It is only when the individual is good that society will progress. When the society and the nation is based on the observance of human values.” – Sri Sathya Sai Baba – Indian Spiritual Leader 1926-2011

Item : Empowerment Zapper

USD $ 10.99

By Tara Sutphen

The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Use the CD three different ways: 1) Be mentally programmed in your home or office while sitting down and doing other things such as working at a computer or reading. 2) Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3) Use it as sleep programming. Simply listen as you go to sleep.

Some of the Spoken Suggestions

You make room in your life to manifest abundant joy, abundant love, abundant sex, and abundant monetary resources. You say “YES” to life. You always create the time to do what replenishes you. You attain balance and harmony by fulfilling your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. You are resourceful, tenacious and determined. And you have a life-affirming, uplifting attitude. You are authentic in your responses to life situations. You make room for miracles in your life. You’re strong, powerful and confident. You replace negative beliefs with a self-affirming attitude. You trust your intuitive powers. You feel young and enthusiastic and energetic, and you have the strength to do what you need to do. And you have the courage to say “NO” when you need to. You seek out and surround yourself with people who lift your spirit.

Registration or Information:


Sedona Mystic Training

with Tara Sutphen

October 28-29, 2017

The Mystic Training is learning to sorce. An occult power class to learn “Sorcery” — how to “sorce” answers and awareness as in the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. You will learn to use the power and energy of the Universe and to be at one with that power. Tara will help you to unblock your psychic centers and assist you to make contact with your Spirit Guides and Higher-Self, to channel, automatic write, use unique Tarot techniques, and access the path of your true destiny — opening to the deepest and most powerful part of yourself. We’ll also tap into excellence and merit through the exploration of psychic connection with the other side. Insight leads us out of vagueness. Not everyone seeks to decipher past blunders or catch a glimpse of the future as it might unfold, but those who do want to search for meaning to their dilemmas and gain confidence to live an important and rewarding life. Opening the five senses leads to deeper-consciousness.

Learning to manifest the splendor in all things, we want our relationships, love, success, happiness, family, great health, money, knowledge, wisdom to be the best it can be. Tara will help you unblock your psychic centers and assist you to make contact with your Mystics, Spirit Guides and Higher-Self for guidance. Included: Meditations, Life-Force Activation, Sorcing techniques, class discussions, and clarification. Join Tara and a small group of fellow travelers who will work together to create a magical and mystical weekend filled with deep learning of personal and universal mysteries.

Tara Sutphen is a modern Master of the occult sciences, having proved over and over again her ability to communicate with the dead, to obtain psychic answers, and predict coming events.

Fees & Location

The fee usd $495 per person. There is a non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $75 to ensure your place in the seminar. Seminar hours at 10-5 PM both days. Final registration is 9 to 10 AM on Saturday morning. The seminar will take place at the Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, AZ 86336. Phone 928-282-9300.

Website: The center is the ideal gathering place, but it is not a hotel. So stay at any Sedona area hotel you like. They range from reasonable to four star-elegant.

Registration, Payment or Information


Limited to 15 people

Blessings & Love from Alaska

Tara XOX

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