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Harvest Moon Magic

Harvest Moon Magic

By Cheyenne Van Zutphen

Say after me: Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat (moon light invocation empowers me)

September 16th 2016 – Full Harvest Moon 24* Pisces   Culmination: 12:07pm pacific / 3:07pm eastern

Instead of darkness, this night greets us with the light of the full moon. Again we can bathe in the silver rays that the nocturnal want veiled. This moon is 24* Pisces and yearns to reveal your life’s secrets. The karma entangled with others, whose ties seem sneered, may now be cut. For clarity hidden by confusion surfaces within. The choice bestowed upon your path allows you to reflect and project. To see deeper into the pools of your inner being; where fear and doubt may dwell. This may expose your blocks and tonight you grant yourself the power to see through yourself as though you are water. Allow this transformation, trust it without control like a stream would guide a fish. Flow with the currents of change and embrace your form as an unbound essence. Bask in the movement of the moon and feel the pull of her power ripping your truest self to the surface. Cry, feel, mourn, smile as you allow yourself to emerge. Life makes us wear so many masks, we become confused, smaller versions of ourselves. Tonight is the night you rip yourself from the reaches of oblivion and honor all that you are; every aspect of your nature, every emotion you have experienced. All of your shame, all of your pride, embraced and then released. Invoke the power of the Pisces moon to know yourself and with that, all shall become clear. This is the trial of truths and the severance of all that does not serve you.

Monthly Divination Recommendation: Water Scrying

Moonlit Water Scrying

Tools: Two White Candles One Bowl of medium size One pitcher of water

*It’s not traditional but I like to add a small crystal as a point of focus

Ritual: -Sit somewhere where you can see the moon -Place the candles above the bowl on both sides -Light the candles and put your hands on both sides of the bowl below the candles -Before you begin do a short meditation or simple circle cast for protection and clarity

-Now, pour the water in the bowl and put your hands back at its sides, open and ready to receive

Say out loud while staring into the water:

The moon sees all from the dark sky.

I seek to steal a moment from her eyes.

Hush the waters, still the tides,

Reflect to me a moment in time.

–Be very willful on what you want to see. If it has happened or will happen the moon will reveal it.


I ask it, I beseech it and so it is.

**scrying takes patience and practice. You can do this!!!

Monthly Moon Charging


One white candle

One quartz Crystal

One Bowl

One Pitcher water

-Go somewhere in the moons light

-Place the candle and the bowl in front of you

-Place the quartz in the bowl

-light the candle and pick up the pitcher of water, DON’T POUR YET

Say out-loud:

Goddess, I cleanse myself. Mind, body, spirit

Renewed by the sight of the moon.

I offer now your sacred water to light up and move.

Empower this crystal with your magic,

So that I may honor you.

Repeat as you pour:

Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat                         – Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat                         – Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat                         – Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat                         – Lunae Lumen Invocatio Me Confortat

Pour enough water to cover the crystal Then put the pitcher down and put both hands open on the sides of the bowl

Become comfortable like this and then close your eyes.

Feel the moon charging you, filling you with light.

Silver White light pouring into you like the water from the pitcher to the bowl.

After you feel charged from your crown chakra to your toes, dip your empowered hands into the bowl of water which was also charging with the light of the moon.

Scoop up a small amount of the water and put out the candle with it. Allow your bowl of water and crystal to remain in the light of the moon until dawn. This will have charged your crystal. Keep the crystal on you for added power and then repeat on the next full moon.

-For The Aspiring Full Moon Gardner- Don’t forget it’s almost Harvest! A great way to get in touch with the earth is to honor your roots. Gather your seasonal goods by the light of the full moon so that come the Autumn Equinox you have a feast that is empowered by the goddess.

All content and spells by Cheyenne Van Zutphen if you would like to book an appointment, please call 310-929-5040

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