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Hypnothesia w. Tara — Hypnothesia Session: Anesthesia & Hypnosis appointment with MD & Hypnotherapist Tara at a Los Angeles based Surgery Center.

Diminish: Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Grief, Drama, Trauma, blocks, personal issues

Develop: Success, Goals, Direction, Career, Self-Esteem. Confidence, Courage

Support: Wellness, School Studies, Beauty, Weight-loss, Love, Excellence, Prosperity

Intention setting: Finding a Spouse, Babies, Happiness, Career or Personal Goals

All Hypnotic Suggestions are tailored to the person’s specific needs. Hypnothesia is a new approach to traditional hypnosis. Successful rewards for many when redirecting and easing the mind to accept positive reinforcement.

To schedule an appointment: a conference with our Board Certified Anethesiologist and we then arrange to schedule the Hypnothesia appointment with you and a Fully Accredited Outpatient Surgery Center. One session will include 2 preliminary arrangements.

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