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John of God

John of God

By Tara Sutphen

Our societies have taught us to stop the hocus pocus of belief, yet I have profound findings when researching an amazing healer in Brazil. We’ve been told to be practical and not get carried away in playing make-believe. After all, if you can’t see it or touch it, how could it be real? As humans we are born and die. When you stop to think about it, that is an ultra-incredible phenomena in and of itself. Sometimes, we can’t figure out the easy things in life. How to get along with others, how to cure our illness’, how to make money easily. We find it hard to use our mind to perfect idiosyncrasies and problems. We can be in a morass of confusion and get sick mentally or physically all the time. We fumble, when we should get ourselves into active motion toward ultimate vitality and health. We go through life “missing the boat” even when we have definite choices. Don’t we want to be well on every level of body and mind? We can decide to gift ourselves with a quantum healing, choosing the easy way instead the hard way. I know it’s going beyond the scope of our minds. I’ve overthought this kind of phenomena for years. But I decided to try and see if I liked it. We all want a miracle, if only we could believe in them. Classified under mysteries of the universe, too vast to know anything that really goes on?

Since the universe is limitless, I feel there’s a cure for every ailment. I’ve found a few special people who know more about what is going on “out there”. I’m sure just like us, they don’t have all the answers, they just do their healing job. We’d like to know tidbits about everything, but all of us need to step into our own expertise. So why, couldn’t there be special beings upon the earth where their skill is to heal? We have amazing Doctors and Nurses, why not Miracle Workers such as John of God. 

I was first introduced to him in 2006, arranged by Patti Conklin, another quantum healer. I heard she had contacts at “the Casa”. My family had seen another fabulous Brazilian Healer, Fatima Abates, and it peaked my curiosity to see John of God. Being familiar with near death experiences a few times as a child, I’ve always been preconditioned to accept the other side. But my interest in Quantum healing began when I was dealing with my son, Hunter’s, glandular and hair loss condition. I took him to every western and eastern specialist, yet, when we worked with Fatima, and her healing abilities, his hair returned. So my son and I and my best friend Marla Maples journeyed to Georgia. We were introduced to John of God an hour after he deplaned. It was his first American visit. He had his interpreter with him and binders filled with his documented healings and endorsements of miracles from all over the globe. When he looked into our eyes, immediately we felt a shift. We sat with him for hours. He makes you feel differently, like you’re more alive. His interpreter explained to us that we had been personally invited to be in his current (pray for all the sick) for the next few days to help him. We would sit for hours praying and doing our best to give positive life force to those in need of healing. It’s been 10 years since our amazing time in Georgia, and now I once again revisit John of God.

Pilgrimage: Last fall, my dear friend and client, Patti Stanger, asked me if I’d like to go to Brazil. She was having treatments on the John of God Crystal bed at Diana Donaldson’s “New You Salon”. Patti and I have been on a spiritual pilgrimage all year. So of course, I agreed, we should go visit John of God. We’ve been all over the world, praying in temples, having psychic readings through interpreters and enjoying the cultures as we study their religions and spirituality.

I made an appointment for the Crystal Bed. I told Diana I’d met John of God, and she revealed she’s a “Certified Casa guide” in Brazil at the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. Diana and I talked about this amazing mission. He has been visited by millions of people seeking healing. The Spiritualist Chico Xavier told John of God to use Abadiania, Brazil as his base of operations. On his arrival, he started by sitting on a chair at the side of the road, as many would come to seek healing. One of the spirits that John of God channels is Dom Inácio de Loyola. He was a warrior in old Spain and after his legs were crushed by a cannonball, he hobbled to Montserrat and laid down his sword before the Black Madonna. He started the Jesuit movement. I’ve been to Monserrat. It was another one of my “have to go there” places. My daughter Cheyenne went with me, ready to follow me to any holy place. And now in 2016, I begin understanding the connection with the Black Madonna.

When I got to Brazil I didn’t know what to expect. I already knew John of God as a powerful being. After seeing him in 2006 I had a Shamanic dream, it was very lucid – I was in white clothing and walking along beside John of God at a school. The sun was shining and the colors were vibrant. He kept smiling at me as he reached out, touching the third eye of children, ranging from 4-23 years. As he touched their foreheads he would say the blessing “Espiritus Sanctus” (sacred spirit). It was all very enjoyable. All of a sudden, John of God touched my third eye and said “Espiritus Sanctus”. I was startled, and I leapt from my bed as it was so shockingly real. I didn’t know what it meant at the time…but six months later I was forming a psychic teen class.


I knew that coming to Brazil was going to be an extraordinary spiritual experience. I had some health issues I wanted to address, but I hadn’t been diagnosed with anything. The only thing I wanted to do is beat some of the everyday aches and pains of aging. There is every walk of life at the Casa, and even though the religious practice is Catholicism. There is a protocol of keeping the healing’s practical in the modern age. Everyone is there to seek betterment, every religion, every color, every creed. We were there with Israeli’s, Arabs, Russians, Germans, French, Asians, English, Australians, Americans and so on…Abadiania is known as a spiritual hospital. Everyone gladly comes together peacefully to do the programs. Being Americans, we’re from a hodge-podge of cultures, so we’re not fazed by hanging out with everyone. When you enter Abadiania you are to be very clear about your healing. Since the place is ethereal, it oddly helps to have the Catholicism. There is a grounding as the entities are no religion.

Our group consisted of Diana, our Casa Guide, Pia, originally from Finland and now by way of Hawaii, and the “Los Angelino’s”, Rev. Karen, Missy, Patti and me. The first day we were there we went to an orientation, where a Canadian woman, 52 years old, got up to speak. She had a car accident when she was 18 years old. Her foot had been completely severed off and a surgical team reattached it and told her she’d never walk again. She did learn to walk, but she complained of great pain. She was at the Casa for the first time to have John of God take a look at her foot for a healing. She came in front of us all without a limp. She said, God and the Entities were working through John of God, and they had taken her pain away. I wish I’d asked her if she’d had psychic surgery or did they just readjust or realign the foot to the leg.

Our Orientation leader was saying he had mental issues when he first came to Abadiania. He was told that he needed to come back, on and off, for three years. He was from England, and was complaining about having to travel such a far distance. He realized each time he came to Abadiania, he was feeling less stressful, readying himself for true healing.

My first night in Abadiania, John of God gifted me right away. I dreamt that he touched the third eye of my children, William, Hunter & Cheyenne saying “Espiritus Sanctus”. My wish came true as I’d wanted them blessed in the 2006 Shamanic Dream. In my full lucid state, I started to tell him I have a ton of people to bless…but I became aware not to ask for more. I needed to be conscious of the gift, so I said to him in the dream, “Thank You. Obrigado Joao de Deus”.

Abadiania is a quaint sleepy town. Everyone is in tune with John of God and the healing entities. You wear white because the entities can sweep your body and aura when they’re reading you with John of God’s eyes. “Joao Teixeira de Faria” was born June 24, 1942. He is also called John the Compassionate, a medium and a psychic surgeon. Based out of Abadiania, where he runs the “Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola”, he has seen millions of people since 1965. Sometimes 3000 people a day wait to see him. John of God’s motto is: “Everything is Love”.

The Casa: I see John of God within the first hour. He held my hand and looked into my eyes, as he spoke to my interpreter prescribing Surgery. It would be performed the next day at 8am. He only gives psychic surgery when you are vibrationally aligned to receive it. Physical surgery is given for the unbelievers. He does work on everyone through Intervention. You either don’t need any kind of surgery, or you’re being prepared in another way for healing. I am prescribed herbs and the surgery. There were at least a thousand more people waiting to see him.

Early the next morning I go to receive my psychic surgery. When getting psychic surgery or physical surgery you realize that there’s something different about yourself. There is no need for anesthesia and there is no great amount of blood and no pain. Dilation of the pupils is the most visible clue that something else is going on at the Casa. Even the whites of people’s eyes turn black. I saw it in babies, children and many adults. As I approached John of God and my surgery, I remember walking toward him and everything seemed like a sci-fi movie. I felt as though I were floating. Everyone was dreamy and distorted, and they were all dressed in white as I walked through the current rooms. I didn’t feel myself, as though I was in a hypnotic trance. John of God took my hand as I locked into his gaze, he said a few words in Portuguese. I was led to a room to pray. I was already outside the Casa by 8:30am that morning.

I went back to my room for 30 hours. The protocol is to be completely alone and shielded from other’s energetic field. All my meals were brought to me by my Casa guide Diana Donaldson. I didn’t understand the need to be alone, until I had my first meal, a piece of lettuce fell off my plate to the tray. I went to pop it into my mouth, but just touching it repulsed me and made me shudder. I was not to be on any electronics talking to anyone or being disturbed in any way. During my convalescence I could barely move. I wasn’t worried and wanted to sleep most of the time. Although not in any discomfort, my stomach was very big and I felt like I had mesh across my uterus and something had been done to organs on my right side. I noticed my lungs were clear, something I had asked for due to a fire I was in last summer. I was in the smoke with a very sick horse. Whenever I slept, I would dream of being on an operating table with a surgical team of eight. I worked on being quiet and restful for seven days.

I have always said the first place I’d ever go if I was diagnosed as being really sick is to see John of God. Such a gift to see him now. I recommend anyone and everyone to come to the Casa. There’s many cases where x-rays are done in which you can see the stitches if you have psychic surgery. I had an actual stitch showing. It was a beautiful white silky thread and was still attached to my uterus, so I have seen the proof myself. Not that I ever doubted it. Then I had another incident at the Aspen, Colorado Airport of being x-rayed and interrogated and pat searched over what was covering my entire abdomen. All I could say was…”I had surgery”. Can you imagine if I had tried to explain my psychic surgery? I’m sure the airport authorities would believe me…


Let me tell you of our lovely Pousada. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the kitchen makes amazing food. Every meal consisted of 9 to 15 vegetables. There are meats, lovely fresh juices, green drinks, all made from the garden. All the water is blessed. I couldn’t wait for the meals, although I ate vegetarian and no coffee. I didn’t pass up on wheat, cheese and the desserts. We also had Frutti’s around the corner who make cappuccinos, smoothies, cakes, french fries and of course other lovely food. But since we were eating most of our meals at the Pousada, we were only at Frutti’s for treats.

Usually we went to Frutti’s after we put prayers in the Casa Triangles, which are for Peace, Love and Charity. On a small piece of paper, you can write your name, birthday and the place you live, and list three things. You can be specific and write many prayers, for yourself, and for people you love or need a prayer. You bring your written prayers to the triangle, you touch the triangle as you ask for your requests to be answered. The prayer notes are collected and prayed over by John of God and the healing entities.

We all enjoyed writing our prayers, we noticed one was answered for Patti. She loves my handwriting so I wrote out prayers. I asked her, if I could write a prayer for her to receive outward generosity. She said, “Yes”. This is something she wouldn’t have asked for herself. The prayer was answered right away. We noticed throughout the rest of our stay how outwardly generous everyone was toward her. These are people who don’t have TV, they didn’t know who she was, they were telling her she’s beautiful, bought her meals, and gave her jewelry and crystals from the shops.

During the days of your personal healing you are to work under the crystalsWe got to meditate under the crystal beds, where the colored lights shine down on your body on all your chakra points.  On the eighth day after I had decided to sit in the current to help with John of Gods healing energy. You can be 4-5 hours at a time in current. I got a little antsy about 2 ½ hours in and decided to raise my vibration higher. John of God’s face appeared to me and he said, “I’ve extended your life and in return you must work on healing me so I may do my mission for at least another 10 years. You will work on me for 40 nights.” That was it, I was in current for 5 hours that day. 

Later that evening I went back to meditate in a crystal bed. I decided to take it seriously on helping heal John of God. In my hour of meditation I called in my faves, the Egyptians. As they progressed with their healing techniques, the intensity was too great for me. I was ready to come out of my skin. While very deep in trance I was in absolute agony as they worked on John of God. They encouraged me to stay with the fervor of their healing work…I was physically so hot and truly beside myself. When I left the Crystal bed, I told the others I’m going to write a prayer in the King Solomon Triangle. I was feeling I needed to get re-centered and calm down. As I passed John of God’s office, he was there and waved at me. I realized his close proximity allowed my guides and the Egyptians to send him healing. There are many Mediums in Abadiania and I’m sure we are all called to help. As he leaves that night, we are at our hang out Fruttis, he again passes by and waves. I’m exhausted, but he looks chipper. You can’t help but notice that he’s always kind to everyone…

There are many sick people in Abadiania. It’s called a Spiritual Hospital, a lot of cancer, many crippled, much unrest and ailing people, yet the place is filled with tranquility. I met a German guy who had a stroke 10 years before, he’s hoping that he’ll get the surgical Kelly’s up the nose in a physical healing. I asked him about the stroke and he tells me he was partying really hard, drinking, drugs and staying up dancing and partying in club’s night after night. He missed a lot of sleep and one day he fell down a flight of stairs and had a stroke. I recommended he get in the flow with the exercises and surrender his faith. And… if John of God says he needs to stay, be ready to move. It may take time to come back to himself, and to keep moving toward his healing. When I said surrender, I didn’t mean he needed to be more religious or knowledgeable. What I found is the need to be in an accepting space. When the gift is being given, you are willing to receive it. You are not going to see anything, and yet your life will be changed.


In the rainforest, it rains every day and sounds like there is a waterfall outside my room. You must buy an umbrella, as you’ll be drenched if you don’t have one. I sent my kids a little video of the torrential rain coming down. Willie, my oldest son, was making fun and said “good thing you and Patti aren’t camping in tents”. He laughs and laughs. Yes, I can agree. Good thing!

I’m getting to know other people at the Pousada and around town, I have my favorite dogs who like to sit on my lap. The dogs are homeless and in Brazil seen as wild animals. Coming to Abadiania is a personal pilgrimage, and the dogs are often not thought about. If you have a weak immune system, you might not want to be touching animals. Although they are starving, , they don’t even beg at the restaurant tables. They are mild mannered and obliging. John of God is only one man, in his seventies and serves thousands of people. There are other people, few and far between, to care for the temple dogs. I’ve decided to try and bring one home. The process is arduous, yet I know to have faith.

During our time there, we travelled to Old Abadiania. I was thinking it would be close, or just over the hill but it was about 45 miles away. The cowboys were taking lovely sable bulls through the streets that day. We visited an old church and enjoyed hearing stories from our driver. The next day we took a taxi to visit a beautiful waterfall. The water is a releasing exercise, cleansing all worries, problems and grief. When I was under the falls, I let out four spontaneous gasps with the water pouring over me. I had my head tilted in such a way, I opened my eyes and could breath while in the midst of the falls. It was magical and refreshing. While in the jungle I didn’t worry about anything, I was at one with nature and its creatures. Many wear flipflops deep in the jungle, I wouldn’t advise it. Although from my experience, there was a purity and essence of easiness. Nothing like it as you leave the Western world’s idea of life and anxiousness behind, you’re in a healing space. It’s a time to relish. John of God does not charge, they don’t even ask for donations. You may be prescribed herbs that you pay minimally for and you can buy sacred water.

Here’s an example what I described earlier about the dilation of pupils. This is Rev. Karen-Maryum Morse and her eyes don’t look like this normally. As in a Sci-fi movie, her eyes look kind of alien or vampire like as she’s being worked on by the healing Entities.

The greatest gift you receive by going there is John of God and the Entities take away your fear. John of God is on his mission and please pray he has many years left for…

Since I’ve been back home I had another Lucid dream, where John of God was driving a white pickup truck hauling a utility trailer. He dropped off some kind of supplies to me, He left smiling and waving. What it means I don’t know yet….


If you need a great Casa guide:

Diana Donaldson RScP                                                   

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