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Love Realignment

Love Realignment

By Tara Sutphen

We all want to be in love and have others fall head over heals for us. What about falling in love with ourselves. Are you reeling back right now? Are you thinking this is an absurd idea? Or do you get the warm fuzzies and think it sounds good to work toward being content and happy with your mind, body and spirit.

We are on the big search… and what we’re seeking is unconditional feelings from others. But is that enough, is our own perception to see ourselves through other’s eyes or do we really tune in to who we are. We need a certain amount of self awareness to not fall into others ideas or complaints. We all know people who cynically complain. We’ve been involved with those ‘curve balls’ of misunderstanding or grief from other peoples opinions or control issues about us.

We don’t need to be in others drama, we’ve created enough of our own. So how you feel about yourself will ultimately shape your life. We have years of perceiving we’re not perfect or struggle with acceptance. We all know what it is to be rejected or crushed by others view point. What we want is to live the ideal. But we doubt ourselves on how we’re going to get there. Where do we find the beautiful world and unlocking the good vibes about our self.

First of all, we know we have to exert some effort on building our self-esteem. So we begin by rebuilding some of our character traits and by letting go of bad habits. Starting to practice being better, and taking back our vulnerability and self-worth. Allowing our flaws and mistakes to guide us on “what not to do”. Rounding our character in all facets of trust and constructive viewpoints instead of falling into doubt, suspicion or anger. No more of a defeatist attitude.

When we begin to work on our personal preferences and balance, we flourish in life. It’s not about getting it wrong, but correcting, and really honoring our life and well-being.

Here’s a list of how to find love for yourself again:

1. Perfection of Imperfection

Perfection is only an Ideal. No one can be perfect, but they can be the best version of themselves and their life choices.

2. Kindness is Not Weakness

Kindness will get you everywhere in life. A smile or kind word goes a long way. We can shine when we permit ourselves. Try not to be defensive over words or slights. You either take the high road or low road. We are aware there are those incidents where you need to be strong and assertive, we are naturally defensive to being harmed. But reposition and stay in the love-zone as much as possible.

3. Listen to your Intuition

Listen to your inner voice on what you are doing right, stay on track. Learn to gently say no on reacting negatively or harming yourself in any way. Keep your mind and body healthy.

4. Reach for Healthy Food

Be proactive on your eating habits, your attitude changes when your body is well.

5. Skill Set

If you want to learn something new, look for ways to gain the knowledge and know-how. Work diligently to hone the skills of your craft and expertise.

6. Pay Attention to You

Your life is a miracle every day. Each sunrise gives you a chance to do over what you weren’t happy with the day before, we begin again and again.

7. Accepting Who You Are

Allow yourself to look in a mirror, saying an encouraging word to yourself. Even if you don’t feel it yet, fake it until you make it. Say something nice…

8. Being Present

Your presence can mean the world to others and enjoying a moment with yourself or being aware of what you’re doing is a present to yourself.

9. Be Open to Opportunities

When you close yourself off, you don’t make way for the new experiences or people to enter and enrich your life. This doesn’t mean frittering your time with idle pleasure, these are empowering ideas, people and solutions.

10. Personal Empowerment

If you are needing to make changes, keep going. Learn some discipline and proactive positive movement forward. Good input, affirmative application and hopeful behavior will lead you toward achievement. It may not be instant gratification, but retain your resolve. Make good choices.


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