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I’m here to say hi, share some shamanic healing, investigate  psychic phenomena, explore the latest experiments, spells or modalities with you.  According to Astrosociety, our daily motion, in addition to spinning on its axis, the Earth also revolves around the Sun. We are approximately 93 million miles (150 million km) from the Sun, and at that distance, it takes us one year (365 days) to go around once. The full path of the Earth’s orbit is close to 600 million miles (970 million km). To go around this immense circle in one year takes a speed of 66,000 miles per hour (107,000 km/hr)3. At this speed, you could get from San Francisco to Washington DC in 3 minutes. As they say on TV, please don’t try going this fast without serious adult supervision.  So no more complaining about change, we are in constant motion. We need to hold on and embrace the wild ride of life. You are invited to use her methods, modalities and tools to unlock any blocks, obstructions, addictions, phobias and depression. Were her to explore many possibilities to become the best we can be. Isn’t it time to Make Money, Find Love, Create Happiness, Succeed  in Goals, Connect to your Personal Power, Activate your Lifeforce, Achieve Dreams

“Feel your presence on this earth. Walk past fear. Collect hope. Move on to faith and action. ” — Abenda

Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 Mystic Mastery

God Light Spell

You are in the center with 4 white lit candles- set candles north/east/south/west

Breathe to the bottom of your stomach 4 times – each time breathing in peace and exhaling chaos or confusion

Visualize the white light coming down from above and rejuvenating and regenerating your body, mind and spirit

Visualize for 5 minutes

Open your hands to receive miracles and everyday magic

Extinguish each candle with a wish

25*Aquarius New Moon By Tara Sutphen

25* Aquarius New Moon this month, culminating February 13, 2010. The Aquarius new moon is about intellectualizing your need to be seen in the world and by others. How do you want others to take notice of you. It can be a talent or a deed. It can be about being loved for you, “being yourself”. Maybe it’s for your sincerity level, enhanced charisma or being held special in some way. Could you be loved and admired for all sorts of things you don’t fully understand. Or are you not loved enough and question why. It could be that you push people away to test their endurance and seriousness. Do you confuse romantic love with general everyday love or respect. And if you aren’t feeling loved or appreciated, where are you allowing yourself to be disheartened. You may feel you’ve become a wallflower or blending with wallpaper. Even if you are overly busy, you may be spreading yourself thin blending with mad dash anxious society. We shouldn’t have to be overt, whine or wail to be noticed. Usually quite the opposite if we want to generate friends and natural fulfillment, the first gesture would be to take the focus off yourself and express simple manners, or gestures of connection. Kindness for kindness sake. It’s the start of your spirit being fulfilled by others who in turn will fulfill you.

Journal Questions: Do you put your best foot forward when meeting new people? Or do you stall and feel awkward? Why? What do they have that you don’t have? Where do you lack confidence around others? What do you find likable in yourself? What do you think others see as likable qualities in you? What do you learn from others? Do your expectations run high regarding others? How high? ON: Your family? Your love partners? Your friends? Your co-workers? General passers by? how do others enhance you? How do others inspire you? How are you disappointed by those close? How are you enhanced by those close? Do you have a hard time sustaining long term friendships or relationships? How could you change your viewpoint to fulfillment? How often are you hard on yourself during the day? Do you say to yourself ‘that was dumb, I’m stupid, what was I thinking, that sort of inner banter? Do you build yourself just as much. Can be simple, I’m looking healthy today, I like when I wear that color or smiling at yourself in a mirror. Self acceptance. People may disappoint us over and over, but it is wise to work on not disappointing oneself. Sometimes we are asked to leave others behind in our life. Be it by rash or beneficial decision, it hurts and may not feel right at the time. We can feel like we are failing. We need to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. There will be success, there will be failure in all that we do. Keep moving forward, living, breathing, hoping and loving. It’s how us humans roll.

Book — Soul Agreements

While in spirit, before you were born, you wrote a script for your life on Earth that included soul agreements establishing your relationships with your parents, lovers, children and others who would affect your life in meaningful ways. Your career directions were planned out, as well as the major challenges you would encounter. this karmic road map was programmed at a soul level and can be examined by psychic Tara Sutphen.

Judi Chase

June 6, 1995, Evergreen, Colorado: David Chase, 42, disappeared. Forty-seven days later, his nude body was recovered from Bear Creek. His neck had been broken, one hand had been nearly severed, and unusual abrasions were evident on his legs. The official cause of death was listed as drowning, but the case was investigated as a homicide.

David’s widow, Judi, claimed her husband was murdered and made public accusations against a neighbor who was the last person to see David alive. Six month after this tragedy, Judi’s two adoptive children were taken away under unusual circumstances. To Judi, these were not two separate tragedies, but one related tragedy.

Today, Nine years later, thanks to Judi Chase’s unrelenting investigation, there is a better understanding of what happened and why. Judi is a tall, beautiful, brunette New Zealander with a smile that melts your heart. We first met years ago when Judi was booking speakers and workshop leaders for the Whole Life Expos – hugs New Age festivals once popular in major cities. Our paths crossed again recently when Judi contacted me to do workshops for a scaled-down series of Body Mind & Spirit Expos. I enjoyed our phone conversations, which tended to go beyond talk about the New Age.

When I learned of her horrific experiences in the last few years I asked if she would be willing to undergo past-life regression and some psychic investigation. We would try and find out why she had to endure such pain. To me, only karma could provide the answer. Judi agreed.

Judi’s male friend Dov, an accomplished New Age musician accompanied her to the regression scheduled to take place in our Malibu home on a sunny March morning. Tara served coffee. Judi shared her story:

I was married February, 1993 on my husband David’s fortieth We shared the dream of starting an orphanage for special-needs children. In 1994, we were able to actually start the orphanage in Evergreen, Colorado. It was to be a permanent home for drug babies. The twins, Tisha and Darius, Born December 4, 1993 were the first adoptive children we brought into our lives.

David was a cabinetmaker and when work was slow, he took on other projects. A neighbor asked David to help him with some roofing jobs. I asked my husband not to have anything to do with this guy, because the neighbor was the local drunk who had the lowest black energy I’ve ever experienced and got into a big fight over it.

On June 6, 1995, David went with the neighbor to finish a roofing job and clear away brush in the Elks Club in nearby Morrison. The work was done by noon, the two of them stopped at a local bank where David cashed an $1,800. check. An advance payment for cabinet work he was to start the following day. They then drank and shot pool at the Elks Club before returning to Evergreen, where they continued the pool games at another bar called On the Rocks.

When David didn’t return home that evening, Judi remained awake in her rocking chair until dawn. At first light, she drove to the neighbor’s house and demanded to know where David was. He her, “I left him in the bar shooting pool.” When the police asked the same question, they were told that David had jumped into the river. That story was later altered to say that while throwing the debris from their truck into the river, David fell into the river.

Judi responded, David would never have jumped into a snow-fed river. He was a seasoned mountain climber who knew the dangers of hypothermia. And as an environmentalist, he wouldn’t throw so much as an apple core into the river, much less a truck full of debris. And if he had fallen into the river, the bar and local fire station were 50 yards away. A call for help could have saved David’s life”

Another four months of police investigation, little progress was made on the case. Then on October 15, 1995, retired police officer and private investigator Phil Harris had fallen asleep in his easy chair. He was awakened at 4am by a voice saying, “I’m David Chase. I was murdered. I want you to investigate my murder. Go buy the Sunday paper.”

On page four of the paper, Phil found a story about Judi’s attempts to resolve David’s murder. Although he had never experienced anything like this before, the clairaudience (auditory psychic contact) and newspaper evidence convinced Phil that he was in contact with a dead man. He found the man’s widow, Judi, and told her for a fee of $1, he would work the case until it was solved.

Judi explained, ” when Phil contacted me, David had provided him with all kinds of insider information, pet names and other things that no one else could have known. I knew David was communicating with him.”

David continued to provide Phil with information. From beyond the grave, he explained that the neighbor had talked him into cashing the check to buy a truck. That night, after hours of drinking, the two men got in a fight and David was hit in the back of the neck with a hard object that broke his neck. A knife was then used to cut the jeans from his body, the knife cutting into his skin, causing the abrasions. The $1,800 was stolen.

“Where is the murder suspect today?” I asked. “The policed have asked for his arrest and half-million-dollar bail, but the D.A. won’t prosecute because she doesn’t have enough evidence yet to win a murder conviction. ‘I have to convince 12 jurors beyond a reasonable doubt; otherwise the murderer will walk away and the case can never be tried again due to double jeopardy’, is what she told me. Judi said.

Judi claims to have worked with over 40 psychics and spiritual mediums in an attempt to help solve the case. The Strange Universe TV show put her together with James Van Praagh, who communicated with David on camera. VanPraagh described the details of David’s death: “I see him being grabbed and hit…a blow to the back of the head. I see a lot of blood. Nobody came to help The famous psychic also mentioned a dozen accurate events related to the murder and Judi’s experience in the aftermath.

“Will you tell us of losing the children, Judi? I asked. “A nanny was assigned to me by the adoption agency. Just one week after David disappeared, she arrived to live with me and help me complete the adoption. But the Department of Social Service (DSS) in Denver soon contacted me and said the kids had to be returned to their birth mother, who was now drug free. This is a risk you take in a situation like this. But I’d had the twins, Tisha and Darius, from the time of their birth, so I was heartbroken. I told DSS if the reunification plan failed, I wanted to complete the adoption.

The Dss told me the twins would be placed in a local temporary foster home during the weekdays and live with their mother on weekends for the six-month trial period. Later I learned that my former nanny managed to become the temporary parent in Denver and she was also petitioning the courts to adopt the twins. The birth mother was only off drugs for six weeks. Whoever is holding children when parental rights are terminated has the first opportunity at adoption. The nanny and her mother were awarded the children before we even knew what happened.”

“How did you find out that the twins had disappeared?” I asked. “An investigator learned that the nanny never planned to adopt the children. She operated as a middleman for a third party in California. So the investigator provided the evidence to the district attorney, who reported it to the FBI. Agent Joe Schwecke was assigned to the case, but nothing has happened, primarily because Colorado seals adoption records.”

Tears welled up in the corner of Judi’s eyes. “I;m sorry,” she said taking a moment to grieve. After allowing Judi time to regain her composure, I changed the subject to a discussion of how the past-life regression would be directed. When I asked if she was ready to begin, Judi took a deep breath, smiled faintly, and made herself comfortable on the couch. Once she was deep in hypnosis, I directed her to go back in time and explore why the dream she and David shared had become such a nightmare. Judi: “I’m looking at the sky” her voice was shaky. “Look around and describe the environment.” Judi: “A castle in the background. Wind on my face. The ocean.” “Look down at your feet and tell me what you are wearing.” Judi: “A long dress.” “Is there anyone else here with you?” Judi: “I’m alone.” “Does it feel good to be here? Are you at peace?” Judi: “I’m trying to understand. I’m thinking of jumping off the cliff.” “Why are you upset?” Judi: I’m very upset, I’m going to cry.” She burst out in deep sobbing tears. “I must’ve been so unhappy…so unhappy. I jumped.” I direct her away from the environment, gave her calming suggestions and moved her back in time to experience what had generated such despair.

She was a 17-year-old, at odds with her father, who had her locked in her room (probably because she was pregnant, as we soon learn.) It’s stone walls, an open window, cold. I’m just miserable. When asked where she lived, she responded, “Long grass, Dover.”

I want you to move in time to an important event” I said. There was a long pause without a response. Throughout the induction and regression, Judi had not moved a muscle in her lower body, but she now seemed to be shifting uncomfortably in response to something she was mentally experiencing. “I’m giving birth to a baby. But…o-o-o-o-h.”

Judi: “David knew the part he had to play and he was prepared to play it. His love knew no end, especially for the children….all the children. And he was willing to go the distance and do whatever was required. “Were the two of you together before in other lifetimes that may have set the events of this life into motion?” Judi: “Yes. We shared great love, great adventures, fantastic journeys. I see us in a boat on a lake and he’s laughing. It’s a beautiful day. He’s looking into my eyes and saying, ‘remember this. Never forget this day. Be happy. No problems. All is well.'” “Where did this lifetime take place?” Judi: “Normandy.” What happened in this incarnation that set the current events into play?” Trembling with emotion, Judi described a bloody battlefield in which David was killed. I wanted to explore who David might have killed prior to his own death, but Judi became so emotional, I directed her away from the scene. “No pain and no emotion….the emotion is just fading away. Fading away.” Once she began breathing normally, I asked if she could further explain how the past interacting with the present.

After a pause, Judi began channeling again, this time worth David speaking through her. “Without my death the truth would not be known. It was necessary to bring attention to this evil. My death was a necessary part of it. I didn’t not want you to be suffering like this, but it was inevitable. I live in our heart and in your worlds and in your actions. In that way I am not gone. I reside in all that you do. I am free and I am well. Do not cry for me. I love you. You and my little twins.”

Can you see David there with you, Judi? Can you feel his presence?” Judi: “He looks like an angel. He says, ‘In time, my death will help many others. I’ve told you this before and it is so. Trust.'” I considered asking questions of David, but so many mediums had already don so and received answers as to all aspects of his death and those responsible for the crime. By this time, Judi had been in trance for nearly 90 minutes, which is as long as I like to keep anyone in an altered state without a break. I decided to end the session by projecting her forward into the future to explain how her dream of an orphanage would eventually manifest. Judi: “Hawaii…an oasis with horses, rain forest, a white building, children on horses, laughing. I see celebrations, excitement, preparations, getting ready for visitors. People are coming the children are excited and can’t wait to show off what they’ve done, their garden, their greenhouse, their artwork, which is displayed in a big room. It’s beautiful.” She began to cry again. “There’s great rejoicing for the healing of damaged children. People will come from everywhere to learn about it.

“And you’re going to write about it to generate this attention?” Judi: “Yes, plus speaking, interviews, traveling, fund raising the Senate. We’ll find help in many places.”

Upon awakening Judi, we discussed the session. When we talked about the motive for David’s murder, she said, “Some of the psychics who have helped me have also provided information about child trafficking for profit or child pornography purposes. David may have been murdered because he accidentally saw something he should not have seen regarding abducted children or drug-related activities. Solving his murder will help to uncover a larger truth relating to missing children and to public awareness of atrocities performed on children. Currently, 700,000 children are reported missing in America every year. Private Investigator Phil Harris died of a heart attack three days after testifying in court again the nanny, regarding an incident to which she had abusively shaken a baby in her care. Judi is suspicious as to the real cause of Phil’s death. She said that one of the investigators had observed the nanny in meetings with the suspected neighbor. “I’ve been advised that I should shut up, because my life could be in danger, but I feel protected.” Judi said. ” A British Investigative journalist advised me to put as much information as I have into as many hands as possible. I’ve done that.”

Today, through her Earth Harmony Foundation, Judi heads. The International Children’s Rights project, which seeks to enact new legislation to protect foster children from becoming victims of illicit adoptions for trafficking and child pornography. “Social Services is only allowed to check up on children for six months after an adoption. I want that law changed.” Judi said.

“David’s vision for the orphanage continues. We have a house here, and we’ve purchased another in Hawaii. dov and I have adopted two more special-needs children.. and as more money comes into the foundation, we plan to build or buy a bigger house where the kids can have a garden, a therapy room, and other special facilities. “How many children would you like to adopt?” Tara asked. “Ideally, about 12. Right now, we want Tisha and Darius to be found. I believe my perseverance is the one chance they have. I’ve never wavered on trying to get the authorities to do something. I still make the sheets on their beds every day. I keep up their room. And I’ll continue to do it, even if I never see them again, because this very act of faith allows for the possibility. And isn’t that what life is all about? It the possibility of good….the possibility of miracles. To further investigate, Tara asked for Judi’s astrological data. plus the birth information on both David and the neighbor she has publicly accused of the murder. Tara read the birth charts and then combined them all to obtain an astrological overview. The astrology between David and the neighbor shows a strong need for retribution and retaliation on the part of the neighbor. Something gruesome and very emotional happened between these two men in a past life. Tara had psychic flashes of several men, including David, torches in hand, burning the home of an unarmed family to punish the husband who was away fighting on the “wrong side.” Tara said, “Based upon this astrological chart. I don’t believe that the neighbor will be convicted of David’s murder. The karma between the two men is that David killed this man’s beloved family, so therefore David died when he was most in love with his wife and family. But the chart does show that the neighbor will definitely be confined in this life — probably prison, but it could be a hospital. When Tara completed her work on Judi’s astrological chart she said, Based upon what I can read here, I believe the two tragedies are related. On the day of David’s death, Judi was very much in love. But the aspect that was most intense at that time was her progressed sun aspecting her marriage. That indicates something would shake her to the core of her being. The girdle on her Midheaven says she would lose one of the great loves of her life.

In compositing David and Judi’s astrology chart, Tara found although their aspects showed an extraordinary love for each other. There was also a tragedy. Tara Said, “the chart tells me this is the last lifetime they would have to deal with this particular karma with this person.” Tara also made this note on the back of the chart. so much love, not enough tie. Death aspects followed them. When one dies, the other dies in a different way.”

Based upon what she saw in the chart, Tara asked for psychic impressions to help her clarify the pieces of the puzzle she was trying to assemble. This combination of astrology and psychic input resulted in the following notes: “I feel this all started with Judi being a judge at witch burnings. That comes in strong. David’s past life shows good fortune and a leadership position. The American Civil War. David and the suspected murderer’s composite chart says that there was a sacrifice due to fire — burning out the suspects farm and family while the suspect was away. Judi was also involved with David in this act. In their current lives, I feel the suspects not only killed David, he helped arrange for the kids to be adopted elsewhere. Consciously or subconsciously, the suspect wanted Judi to suffer loss as he did in a past life.” In summary, Judi committed suicide in a past life because her baby was taken from her at birth. Classically, if someone commits suicide, they have to reincarnate and face a similar, but often more severe situation without killing themselves again. This is not to punish, but to teach on a soul level that life is sacred. In this life, Judi made a soul agreement to lose her husband and have two babies taken from her. And this time around, rather than taking her life, she has channeled her energy into resolving David’s murder, and establishing the Earth Harmony Foundation to help all children. Out of bad often comes good, and Judi’s “children’s rights” efforts may save far more children than she ever could have saved through her adoptive plans. If a child pornography conspiracy is uncovered even more children will be saved.

Obviously, David remains earthbound, obsessed with trying to resolve his murder. I am reminded of Kahlil Gibran’s words in The Prophet. “The murdered is as guilty as the murderer.” If Tara’s astrological interpretation and psychic visions are correct. David made a soul contract to balance his karma with his murderer. It is now time for David to let go and embrace the light. Continued anger could keep him tied to the Earth for centuries.

Karma is a multi-life debit and credit system, and we all create our own reality, or karma, with our thoughts, worlds and deeds… and this includes the motive, intent, and desire behind everything we think, say, and do. In other worlds, when we act with intent we create karma — harmonious karma or disharmonious karma — that will have to be balanced in the future.

She trembled, her fingers twitched nervously. “my baby’s not here. My baby’s not here.” I gave her calming suggestions and asked her what had happened. “it’s a bastard, so they took it away. I didn’t even get to see it. My baby is gone.” She became upset and began to cry again. “it was just too much for me. That’s why I jumped.”

I directed her to remember all she had experienced and to come back to the present while remaining in a deep altered state-of-consciousness. Once she was breathing normally, I guided her to Higher Self and asked for spirit guide assistance.

“Judi, in the past life when your child was taken away, you responded by jumping from the cliff. Because of that act, did you have to reincarnate and experience a similar situation again? This time your husband is murdered and two children are ripped away from you. Did you come back believing you would have the strength to pass the karmic test and go on with your life?” Judi: “This is the truth. You know the truth.” After a pause, Judi began to speak with a staccato pacing that indicated she was channeling. “You know you’re strong. You know how to walk through fire, overcome all obstacles. Never give up. Follow your intuition, your inner wisdom. Speak of truth and justice. You will not fail. You cannot fail, for you’re a warrior soul. You have work to do. You will not lose your life. And you will make sure good prevails over evil. Justice is the order of the day, and the ones are protected. They are in your hands. This is all ordained. “Who is speaking through you?” Judi: “My Higher Self.” “Alright, I’d like you to perceive a karmic overview of your relationship with David and all that has happened. You found each other and shared a common dream and were only together two years before tragedy struck. From this higher Self perspective , tell me about David’s part in this.”

Note fr Tara: If you get anything psychically on David and the situation w. the twins…let us know.

Video footage of Judi Chase, Dov & Sky

Full Wolf Moon By Tara Sutphen

The Wolf Moon at 10* Leo will culminate January 29, 2010, 10:18pm PST/Janary 30, 2010 1:18am EST (ephemeris). The time of looking into who inspires you and using it as a direction for your creativity, talent or abilities. You need to develop your sense of style. Look at yourself from the inside out and then from the outside in. Take a moment to really look. Life is full of possibilities. How do you use your outlook. How far does your outlook go. Is your inner search matching your outer search. Are you far reaching in your outlook or are you constricting the flow of ideas. Are you moving yourself into action with those thoughts and set goals. How are you stopped by progress in your life and if you were to come up with new inventive ways of thought, word and deed. You have the capacity for brilliance and limitless options. Coming into clarity of what we really need in our lives. It’s time of creation. What would you like to actualize in your life. Love. Friendships. Harmony. Laughter. Money. Moving. Spiritual contentment. Health. Let creation begin.

Journal Questions:

What inspires you in your environment? Who inspires you and the inner and outer qualities they possess? How would you be like them? How are you inspiring others? What kind of hope do you possess in the world? What are your long time dreams? What are your short term dreams? Are they realistic? Are they idealistic? Is your job satisfying, how could you spark new ideas into your work day or into your job? How can you spark romance and fun into your love life? How can you spark ideas for more money and security? How can you spark ideas for your health? Write down what is your purpose? Explain. If you lived in the perfect house for you, what would it look like? If you were in the perfect love relationship, what would it look like? If you had the perfect job, what would it look like. It starts with an idea, and you speak of that idea and then you find a way to manifest the idea. You know if it’s a workable conclusion from the get go, people who seem to move into easy good health, love or prosperity make space in their lives for achievement. Most often the tool is not money, as that is only one of the rewards or helper tools. Move into hope and grace, move into vitality and courage, move into possibilities and action. Goals need push and sometimes pull, you can do it.

Tarot Select 3 cards

1 Card My Spiritual Path

2 Card My Minds Eye

3 Card Advice on My Path

2010 Schedule Workshops, Appearances and Seminars

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Money Activation promotes increase and benefits and reframes your mind to release thoughts of loss or failure and to embrace progress and optimum abundance. It’s time to imprint “prosperity” on your soul. In this series, Tara uses Lifeforce Activation to enhance your good fortune and expansion. Be in constant improvement. Create solid success and advantage, start to move in the right direction to gain clarity, balance and attainment of ease and resources. Regenerate and rejuvenate your ideas, talent, skills to the deepest core of your being. You are taking steps toward financial gain.

Suggestion Examples: The visions, the knowing, the gut feelings, ideas, talent, perspective, starting and finishing, your enthusiasm will lead you into action and accomplishment * You are learning you don’t need to hold on to things not working in your life. You deserve a great life on the planet * Step into your destiny * Let go of all fear * You trust in the future and the passage to your success * Know that you are in tune with your era * Every step you take is toward the foundation of your life and manifestation of a wonderful, fulfilled life * and more.


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