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New Book! Soul Writers by Tara Sutphen CHt

Tara Sutphen CHt has developed automatic writing into an art. With the assistance of her spirit guide Abenda, she has answered questions of troubled seekers who write to her for help. After 40 years of spirit contact, she can point to an astounding track record of proven accuracy.

To receive the communications, Tara goes into a theta-level altered state, and Abenda her guardian angel would find someone on the other side that knows the letter writer, their spirit guide or a loving entity who is aware of the problem. Under Tara’s spirit guide's carefully orchestrated conditions, this soul controls her hand and the response was received via automatic writing.

In “Soul Writers” Tara asks introspective questions from three men she knew in life, who now reside on the other side. Two of the men were famous prolific authors Jess Stearn and her husband Dick Sutphen, and the other man was called “the Irish Seer” - Patrick Smith. The three of them were researchers in paranormal studies. It is only fitting they are trying to convey what they have found out through stretching and reaching beyond the unknown.

Example of a question asked in the book:

Q. Will We Stay The Same Being When We Go Live There

A. Jess: You worry about losing your wallet. Well… you also worry about losing your body-suit. Did I like leaving my skin behind. No, but there isn’t a choice. I transform and must come to the next layover or station area. My laugh is the same, my jokes and laughing at my jokes is the same, my frustration is the same, but I am just being wayward rather than truly being upset. I think it makes me more interesting to keep my journalistic rhetoric.

Patrick: You’ll be pleasantly surprised one day. I was thoroughly surprised, especially as I was raised a nice Catholic Boy in Ireland. We breathed, ate, and slept with the church in mind. So I thought the angels would herald me on high when I got here. There are certainly angels, and I could have some heralding me, but it isn’t their normal. They really aren’t a tv show or entertainment. They are the beloved and devoted to anyone needing assistance. I ask them what is in it for them, and they claim sovereignty. I get it, I do. I want some kind of restitution and reinstatement as well. I feel expanded and limited in the same vein, I’m not feeling so different when I was alive yet I’m curiously not anywhere except where my consciousness takes me. You always wanted magic powers, this my friend is it. But there isn’t a reward. Not even a candy bar for your efforts. Many people want to leave their candy bars behind, but they should know you’ll miss them.

I have been a priest many lifetimes so it was curious to me to again die and not have the catholic teachings in place. But I am me in my holy form, I have chosen to serve and so I am one of what you would call the Holy Ghosts. I plan to stay here and continue to be of service, lend a hand to those hurt, fearful, lost or traumatized.

Dick: For me, I just got here really. I still get a candy bar if I want one. But I guess you go past the urge of food, once you’ve gone through sanctorium. I’m feeling very normal. I see an outline of my human body, experience picking up things and asking many questions. I thought I’d be afraid of this time, but I feel very much myself and better about me as well. I know I have a process to go through upcoming but I feel confident about being able to easily go into it. Especially as my friends are very much the same as before they died, so I’m not afraid. I have an overview now, I’m more aware of who and what was good for me in my life.

Abenda: I still carry the same astrological timing as when I was born in 1814. I feel very much the person I was on earth. I have the same values, but not the limiting thoughts or idiosyncrasies. My hologram is the years I liked how I looked, not the year I died. Since I don’t have a time of return on earth. I feel more myself here on this side of the veil. Not to say that everyone would think this to be the case. As with anything in life, there is a protocol and a systemic way of doing death. Thats why there are ghosts and lost souls, and if you agonize in life, you could be in a bad way here. As the timing is much faster and not at all easy. It’s important to do your best in life, so when you get here; you can have an optimal experience. No matter what happens, it’s how you react to your circumstances. Be above board, be charitable, be honorable. This is the adage of gaining merit points in heaven, certainly this is comparably true.

There are 87 questions asked in the book. Ranging from; do you see us clearly on earth, to why are we here on earth. What is love, money, death, and the importance of things including aging. Why problems with others. Are there other life forms beside us. Tara tries to ask a lot of questions. She says, “Just because the spirit dies might not make them smarter, but it may spark their curiousity and have them explain a summary of what they are experiencing.”


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