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SEMINAR: Finding your Creative Center


Finding your Creative Center

Tara Sutphen – World Renown Psychic, Author & Hypnotherapist

William Sutphen – Mixed Media Artist

9am-5:30pm 2 DAYS – July 19-20, 2014

price $795. usd

To hold your place:

Deposit $200. usd

Limited to 15


Spectacular Ocean View House on 5 acres in Malibu, CA

Instructions and/or directions will be provided upon registration

Tara will work with you on unblocking your creativeness within. We hold such deep seeded lack of worth and depression in our cellular structure due to how people have talked or treated us, personal expectations or to exposure of environmental bio-hazards. We are given life as a gift. Learning to really live is a choice. Have you been putting off putting “color” in your “personal world”.

William will help you to “just begin”, helping you to learn to express your spark of creativity. And answering questions…reminding you the goal is to color your world inside and outside your soul.

supplies will be included

3 bedrooms to rent

Main house:

Master bedroom

Bedroom 2

Guest house bedroom

$500. use per night

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