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Soulshine Mallorca

Come Join Us 💕



Osa Major, the venue where our journey takes place this year is named after the Great Bear constellation that is visible above it every night. The finca combines impressive art pieces, creative spaces and chic bohemian style.


Divine consciousness is our birthright, no less than the ancient Divine Right of Kings. It is a limitless source of power that we may tap into. Our intention is to put these special resources at your disposal.

On this 6 day journey, a dedicated international team will hold space for you to shed, shift and shine. The program that we have created will help you shed old stories and wounds, patterns and beliefs that do not serve you anymore. It will support your shift through the awakening of all your senses, and it will help you shine, offering the connection, adventure and inspiration that our souls are longing for.

Your mind and spirit are fertile ground. They await the seeds of your imagination and ingenuity. Allow them to ripen and mature.


➤ 5 nights of accommodation and exclusive lodging

➤ Daily yoga, breathing and meditation practices

➤ Freshly made organic meals prepared by on site vegan chefs

➤ Intuitive eating – the energetic connection between food and body (Marla Maples & Cat Faith)

➤ Protection tools – learning boundaries and shielding (Cat Faith & Tara Sutphen)

➤ Holistic anti aging technologies (Marla Maples & Carmen Anderson)

➤ Nature Connection & medicine walk (Cat Faith)

➤ Sunrise and meditation at crystal rock beach (Tara Sutphen)

➤ Moon magic, sacred fire and drumming in ancient settlements

➤ Boat trip and picnic at a secret beach

➤ Persian brunch in the forest hosted by Bijan Anand

➤ Trip to Palma and the historic city, dinner at Cap Rocat

➤ Live energetic portrait drawings by Aniya Defries

➤ Massage sessions (Pop Up Pamper)

➤ Shamanic healing (Cat Faith)

➤ Psychic readings (Tara Sutphen)

To Register:

+1-424-781-7103 (leave a message)

Registration: name, address, phone, & please leave a deposit to hold your place

Let your Soul Shine! We Look Forward to Spending Time with You!

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