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Tara Sutphen will interview Dr. Sirah Vettese – Author


Time: July 24, 2015 from 9pm to 10pm Location: Phone: 877-230-3062 Event Type: transformation with tara Organized By: Tara Sutphen – HOST


Tara Sutphen will interview Dr. Sirah Vettese – Author. Sirah is a practicing Life Coach-Counselor. She has trained and coached musicians, business executives, scientists, celebrities, world leaders, and those individuals to help them get clear about what they desire out of life and make it happen. She is highly skilled at helping people unblock counterproductive beliefs providing them with new insight into wholeness. As a sought-after breakthrough life coach and consultant, her contributions have been recognized in People, Cosmopolitan and Ladies Home Journal, to name a few. She appeared on CNN, MTV and popular talk shows during the 90’s and has traveled widely and lectured across the globe. Her talents are also frequently featured on broadcast radio. The topic for the show will be THE INCREDIBLE POWER of COMMITMENT to finding the right partner! Call In 877-230-3062

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