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Tarot Tips by Tara

Tarot Cheat Sheet

by Tara Sutphen


*All cards read upright

*One clear question – When you ask a question, make it simple. 

*A beginner should only use answers as hindsight not literal fact. Remember this is “fun”.

*If your question doesn’t concern a person(s), read court cards Page, Knight, Queen, and King as the meaning of the card. 

To Start:

*One card for one question. Even if  you are not familiar with tarot cards and their meanings. Read the picture and symbolism, then access your feelings about the card and the question and then try reading the psychic vibration. Then go back to the meaning of the card.

*Layout’s from link websites at the end.

Higher Arcana

O-   Fool- start of the journey, risk

I-     Magician- New Beginnings, expect magic and surprise

II-    High Priestess- Guidance, Wisdom, Intuition

III-   Empress- Creativity, Kindness, Security

IV-   Emperor- Authority, Responsibility, Mastery

V-    Hierophant- Professional advice, contracts, formal marriage

VI-   Lovers- Love commitment, choice, decision

VII-  Chariot- willpower, obstacles overcome, ambitious

VIII- Justice- balance, composure, legal matters

IX-   Hermit-Wisdom, inner search, outer search

X-    Wheel of Fortune- Fate,Good luck, Karma

XI-   Strength- emotional strength, physical strength, self control

XII-   Hangman- sacrifice, devotion, deprivation

XIII-  Death- change, ending, new way of life

XIV-  Temperance- calm, patient, enduring

XV-   Devil- weird experiences, anger, difficulty

XVI-  Tower- Overwhelm, struggle, conflict

XVII- Star- Optimistic, love, healing

XVIII-Moon- confusion, observing, sad

XIX-   Sun- happiness, cheerful, carefree

XX-    Judgment- analysis, insight, conclusion 

XXI-   World- Completion, Triumphant, culmination


Wands – element Fire – Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire = Action, the spirit

Ace Wands – plans, ambition, desires

2 Wands – motivation, reason, attainment

3 Wands – support, provide, champion

4 Wands – meaningful, manifest, develop

5 Wands – minor problems, struggle, exploit

6 Wands – victory, conquest, win

7 Wands – challenge,tenacity, fearless

8 Wands – activity, journey, movement

9 Wands – endurance, perseverance, longevity

10 Wands – burdens, obligations, responsibilities

Fire sign person or characteristics of card

Page Wands – young m/f or messenger, dispatcher, attendant

Knight Wands – young male or hesitate, suspend, standstill

Queen Wands – female or effective, forceful, vibrant

King Wands – male or dynamic, productive, accomplished


Pentacles – element Earth – Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth = Prosperity, the body

Ace Pentacles – success, well-being, fortunate

2 Pentacles – adaptable, changeable, versatile

3 Pentacles – concepts, ideas, planning

4 Pentacles – cautious, mindful, careful

5 Pentacles – neediness, lack, poverty

6 Pentacles – charity, gift, beneficence

7 Pentacles – risk, gamble, adventure

8 Pentacles – skill, employment, career

9 Pentacles – ambitious, acquire, income

10 Pentacles-attainment, profit, benefit

Earth sign person or characteristics of card

Page Pentacles – youth f/m or willpower, determination, purpose

Knight Pentacles – young male or constructive, practical, functional

Queen Pentacles – female or rewarding, useful, worthwhile

King Pentacles – male or acquisitive, money-making, worldly


Swords – element Air – Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air = intellect, the mind 

Ace Swords – intensity, focus, power

2 Swords – calm, agreement, truce

3 Swords – sorrow, separation, regret

4 Swords – improving, isolation, recovery

5 Swords – adversary, competitor, rival

6 Swords – improvement, passage, journey

7 Swords – foresight, new plans, confidence

8 Swords – restriction, limitation, inhibition

9 Swords – anxiety, despair, anguish

10 Swords-trouble, sorrow, suffering

Air sign person or characteristics of card

Page Swords – youth m/f or introspective, self-analysis, shy

Knight Swords – young male or retroactive, nostalgic, background

Queen Swords – female or consideration, discussion, understanding

King Swords – male or commanding, powerful, strategic


Cups – element Water – Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water = feelings, the heart

Ace Cups – love, devotion, spirituality

2 Cups – love, friendship, marriage

3 Cups – celebration, ceremony, occasion

4 Cups – dispirited, forlorn, sad

5 Cups – partial loss, disappointment, disheartened

6 Cups – memories, childhood, remembrance

7 Cups – dream, fantasy, desire

8 Cups – departure, withdrawal, temptation

9 Cups – happiness,enchanted, euphoria

10 Cups-fulfillment, joy, contentment,

water sign person or characteristics of card

Page Cups – youth m/f or supportive, congenial, nurture

Knight Cups –  young male or  proposal, present, supplier

Queen Cups – female or loving, gentle, yielding

King Cups – male or desire, passion, demand

Celtic Cross


1 up until now

2 Now

3 conscious mind

4 subconscious mind

5 going out

6 immediate future

7 environment

8 situation to arise

9 hopes or fears

10 the answer to your question


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