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The Money Tree

Tara Sutphen CHt and Jason D. McKean CHt will discuss “The Money Tree”

Money Meditation: Really Relax into a comfortable posture, breathe deeply and the money tree looms before you. Your assignment is to create a resolve by keeping your mind moving forward in a reassuring direction. Quieting your inner chatter. Calmly listening to your emotional harmony on a deeper level. Tuning into your heart beating. Integrating with the natural sounds around you. Attune… to you and your inner light. Breathe deeply and see the beautiful golden tree before you. The only thing that matters right now is your breathe and heart rate. You will be receptive upcoming of handling each new experience in an effective and conflict-free way. Solutions about money will easily appear before you. As you practice conscious living and true attunement to inner and outer prosperity.

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