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The Shadowers – A Novel by Adrien Lehman

Beginning of a Novel by Adrien Lehman – He’s almost 11 years old but wrote this when he was 10 yrs old 🙂 Tara’s Godson


The Shadowers

By Adrien Lehman

Shawn Nobscure was a normal farmer with a normal life, until the Choosing, here is a story of the adventures of Shawn Nobscure and friends,

Shawn suddenly awoke to his father and mother scurrying about the house like gigantic mice, yelling and screaming,“Mam? whas happenin’?” Shawn asked with a groggy tone and slur, “Its the Choosing honey! go take a shower and brush your teeth!, As shawn walked to the bathroom to bathe and brush he looked at his once a week used tooth brush and sadly brushed his teeth, After he hopped into the no-heated shower and shivered the whole gruesome ordeal, as he went down with his best clothes and combed his bright blond hair out of his deep blue eyes. “Such a good looking boy, such a shame he barely even shows his beautiful blue eyes” Shawn’s father said with a sad smile. Then his mother yelled “Honey! look at the clock! what time is it?” as shawn looked at the grandfather clock his father yelled “9:32! go go go son! its time for the Choosing!” Shawn Bustled out of the house and set on his trek to Hawthorn Castle.

As Shawn saw the giant stone castle with magnificent spires in the air he also saw something that wasn’t quite as beautiful, a line of children as far as the naked eye could see. Shawn sighed but saw something that cheered him up, His 3 friends and his brother “Hey guys!my little brother!” Shawn’s brother said as he patted Shawn on the back “No, Your just 3 months older than me! im just 14! you too Noah!” Shawn answered back, “Well i’m bigger and stronger, destined to become a soldier, How about you?” Noah said  “uhmmm well…. Just be quiet okay?!” Shawn said in a angry tone, “ Huh fine, i’ll go with my more cool friends” Noah said grumpily as he walked away to his bigger and stronger friends. Shawn turned to his actual friends. Allisa, a Slim and tall girl with blonde hair and dark brown eyes, Waven, A thin, wiry, boy with a pair of glasses and an obsession of books, And Mark, Shawn’s best friend, they both have the same interests and always hang together, he was also a tiny bit sarcastic “Aren’t we so lucky? this line is so short!” Mark said sarcastically, Shawn changed his mind about mark, he was REALLY sarcastic.

Chapter 1, The Choosing

After what seemed like a month they finally got to the gates, The council of grumpy looking teachers told us to sit on the bench and wait. As waven walked up to the council he looked down to the floor and said “I wan-wan-want t-t-to be a-a..a Scri-Scribe” Waven said with his massive stutter problem, The Scribe teacher, Sir William ShikeSpear answered “Well of course! i was waiting for you to ask, You have the perfect brains for one, I have seen you with those books, Please sit down in the Scribe bench” Waven walked over to the bench of scribes and sat down, “Allisa Sante!” Yelled Duke Barenkaw. As Allisa strode over to the council all of the teachers took a long look at her and the Courtier teacher, Madame Terrisa, finally said “You have the perfect build and etiquette to be a Courtier Allisa, do you want to be one?” Allisa nearly jumped out of her boots and said “Yes!” As Allisa skipped to the Courtier Bench, Noah came up. The answer was almost instant, “I would like to be a Squire” Noah asked with a aura of confidence “Yes, get on the bench” said Sir Faarsen Randall. Then Mark went up, and he did something that has never happened in the Choosing history, asked for another human being to come up with him “Can me and Shawn get chosen together? we both are likely to get the same job” Mark asked “it would be Shawn and I, Improve your grammar young man, and why not, you and Shawn can both get chosen at the same time” Said Madame Terrisa

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