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The Vitruvian Square | The Labyrinth (Part 1)


The maze of strange passages, chambers, and unlocked exits in the cellar recalls the old Egyptian representation of the underworld, which is a well-known symbol of the unconscious with its abilities. It also shows how one is “open” to other influences in one’s unconscious shadow side and how uncanny and alien elements can break in. – Carl Jung

In my book, The Vitruvian Square – A Handbook of Divination Discoveries, I included a compact discussion on pathworking and guided imagery that are possible with The Vitruvian Square matrix. This entails using your imagination and walking through each of the Places of Power (rooms, so to speak) that make up what I called The Vitruvian Palace. Today, we’re going to amp this up and I am truly excited to share with you the next generation in guided imagery that is available with The Vitruvian SquareThe Vitruvian Labyrinth

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