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Winds of Change

Tara Sutphen CHt and Jason D. McKean CHt will discuss “Winds of Change”

What happens when we have to change on a whim. We had plans, but those plans change. The meal is changed, the restaurant is gone, the relationship has fizzled, the kids grew up, the death of friends or family, moving to other places. How do you stay in gratitude as you manage all the details.

1. How do I receive, remember there are big surprises and gifts around every corner if we’re willing to use our life like a treasure hunt 2. appreciate smallness 3. If its hard, look it in the eye and know you’re changing to make your life better 4. Be mindful and thoughtful, express civility 5. Find gratitude in your challenges 6. Be helpful, no matter the gesture 7. Spend time with loved ones, friends or family 8. How to improve happiness is to give and give more 9. Meditation 10. Exercise 11. No procrastination, begin again and again

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