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Tara Sutphen is on the Radio at 9am PST every Friday. Or catch past shows in the archive on Apple Podcasts, Heart Radio, Spotify and Many Platforms. Including FB LIVE on "Tara Sutphen" page.

Welcome to Transformations with Tara. The show offers transformational vision with guests who embody wisdom in many areas of life. From healers to shamans,authors to psychologists...each show offers a new vision, new ideas, and new tools to transform your life to its highest vibration. Tara and her guests share new and wonderful antidotes to maneuver ourselves through sometimes puzzling situations or environments. 

The world can be a messy place and promoting positive change starts with the individual. Opening the mind, changing an attitude, creating beauty, benevolence or love first comes from the home, meaning… it starts with you, the maker and creator of your reality. Changing requires being receptive and adjusting sensitivity. "When we become aware of anxiety and bothersome troubles, we need to stop, take a moment to actually find a solution to the fretting. As we sustain and acquire focus, we unlock consciousness, allowing for specialist's to influence us in a good way." 


Recognition of good means we have tools that we can use in our everyday life, encouraging reliability and clarity in constructing a firm foundation to gather strength of body, mind and soul.

  Tara Sutphen

Tara Sutphen has been on the radio and television for many years.  She is an author, a psychic master, a mystic, and a hypnotherapist, among many other things. Part of Tara's wisdom is recognizing the wisdom and offerings of others. Her guests are singular and relevant to our lives, offering tools we can use every day. In addition, Tara's guests often take questions, do on-air readings, and offer advice to callers. She offers us the opportunity to transform...let's take it!!

The Universe is speaking

& Clearing the Way