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Full Buck Moon


Full Buck Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Buck Moon (Native American) at 9* Capricorn will culminate, July 1, 2015 7:20pm PST/10:20pm EST (Farmers Almanac).

This Capricorn Moon is asking us to develop skills and master our abilities. To truly be able to take care of ourselves on the earth, and give a helping hand to our loved ones. We must have a game plan on how to make money and secure our life. A lot of times an individual will daydream about having a perfect job and career. They talk about it, but it’s only in their imagination and they haven’t yet taken the steps to attain a career. If you’ve been mulling something over, now is the time to create an aim and begin a class or schooling. And if you have the education, it’s time to move into action toward that desired job. We have a large capacity to learn many different things, but sometimes we don’t want to work, we’d rather relax or play, and sometimes many feel lost or hopeless. Yet if you’ve done a good job at preparation, and take the steps to learn, you will have an aim upon completion of the training.

Some trades are lucrative, and many we settle for. We have “timing” in all jobs. It’s not about being rich, it is “giving to get” and “getting to give”. There is something popular one minute or kniche markets. We want to find what suits our inate questioning or contentedness. And we need to remember to be an upstanding citizen, and when faced with doing the “right thing”, we do the “proper action”. A good person is someone who does their best to help people in need and those around them, is a generally honest and nice person, and abides by not cheating or stealing. We all need food, we all need shelter…there are plenty of jobs for all of us.

How to become powerful: You must have role models to emulate, you don’t always have to be liked but you must fulfill what people need. You will have to have a “Strategy and Skill”. You will keep strategizing, knowing how to guide yourselves and others into growth and abundance. Be careful as you can end up working in boring jobs for many years and gain no real power or prestige. You can be wanting recognition. But there is only one thing to remember and again plan for, power has “an end”. You will be usurped by the younger generation or go out of vogue in some way. If you can be fair and aboveboard, you’ll gain respect along with money. You can keep going forward, having a great life, well earned and be treated nicely in old age.

Using your Intuition: Using your intuition and psychic ability to move your career. Feeling good about the decisions you make. Knowing when wrong feelings happen they can indicate going in a wrong direction.

How to become Ambitious: Give yourself positive affirmations, and begin to shift your mind from failure to what you might gain. You want to create hopefulness within your psyche. Stop thinking you can’t or wont, motivation begins with doing something we haven’t done before. Practice makes perfect. Using hypnosis, counselor or a coach might be helpful to get you started. You can set goals and once you have success, don’t dwell too long. Keep going.

How to be smart: Improve your minds abilities, be more curious. Study effectively and never be afraid to ask advice. When you are interested in what you are learning, you memorize quicker and experience confidence. If you are learning a skill don’t skimp on the whole learning experience, study for the tests. If you get distracted, take a short break. Surround yourself with smart people and yet leave enough time to study what you desire to learn.

Journal Questions:

Paragraph+ for each question.

Are you Ambitious

Are you Rich

Are you in a career you admire

Are you happy

In your job, what holds you back…

  1. People problems

  2. Money problems

  3. Relationship problems

  4. Health problems

  5. Personal issues

  6. Bad habits

  7. Phobias

  8. Career problems

  9. Past choices

  10. Stress

  11. Overwhelmed

Where are you most ambitious:

  1. relationships

  2. career

  3. job

  4. homelife

  5. friendships

  6. marriage

  7. children

  8. beauty

  9. exercise

  10. eating

  11. inside maintenance

  12. outside maintenance

  13. person maintenance

  14. place maintenance

  15. thing maintenance

Your career moves:

  1. Compassionate acceptance of yourself 

  2. Compassionate acceptance of others

  3. Spending too much time on others and not yourself

  4. Spending too much time on yourself and not on others

  5. Forward movement toward positive activities

  6. Forward movement toward negative activities

What do you admire of others:

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

When regenerating your life what 5 things are you going to do daily

  1. Breathing deeply a few times a day

  2. Drinking more water

  3. Taking a walk

  4. Meditating

  5. Praying

  6. Writing in a Journal

  7. Creating a solution

  8. Creating plans

  9. Giving Hugs

  10. Offering Smiles

  11. Saying nice things to people

  12. Waving here or there to people

  13. Enjoying a color

  14. Enjoying nature

  15. Enjoying architecture

  16. Complimenting your kids

  17. Complimenting everyone

What are you doing now

  1. What job will you have next year

  2. What job will you have in 5 years

  3. What job will you have in 10 years

Do you stay with a career

Do you change careers often

Do you like jobs

Do you like responsibility

Do you like to be a boss

Are you a good boss

Are you a good employee

What makes you happy

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up

What is your career

What is your self confidence

What is your earning potential

What is your verve for life

Are you a winner

Are you sometimes winning

Are you winning yet losing

Are you losing but close to winning

What could make you win

What could make you content

What could make you happy

To be content: Follow your dreams, Live in the moment, Be Thankful, If you practice being Happy – then you become happier…

—– I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt (American First Lady, Wife to 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1884-1962

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