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Full Strawberry Moon

Full Strawberry Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Strawberry Moon (Native American) at 13* Sagittarius will culminate, June 3, 2023 8:43pm pacific |11:43am eastern (Farmers Almanac).

This Sagittarius Moon is creating in-depth thought and understanding on how you communicate and assert yourself in your family area. Some of us have incredible families and even though no one is perfect. We can feel we have a family that is perfect enough. How to become comfortable with your relatives sometimes isn’t an easy feat. When it becomes uncomfortable, become ridiculously polite.

Usually that can calm heightened emotions or sentiments. Limit the time or set boundaries with people who are difficult. And remember to set your own bonds on yourself, not everyone is into our personal health regime, politics or religion. Find common ground to speak and accept others.

Some people have shame with how others have treated them or others in the family; or someone has acted out terribly in their own personal life and it effects you or the family in some way. It’s not to take someone else’s mistakes personally as your own. If we can help people, especially those we are close in relation or sentiment, then we should offer solace and support. If they act apathetic or abusive. Know deep in your consciousness, it is not how you would treat them if the circumstances were different; but you’re put in a position of making a choice. Whether you want to or not. Make a boundary. We need to create how we want to feel and must accept the responsibility of creating a good life.

Creating a Good Life: Be Authentic Love Yourself Acceptance Create a beautiful future vision Have goals Present moment matters Daily soul connection Be accountable Count your blessings Clean your mind Respect yourself Free the past Face your fears Learn to give Learn to receive Keep upgrading your standards Keep elevating what you want your life to look like

Journal Questions:

3-5 sentences+ for each question.

-what are you needing to understand or be more in tune with

Sentiments Regrets Anger Actual person Job Career change Move House Town Country Money problems Bad habits Health problems Stress Phobias

-How can you rebalance: People problems Money problems Relationship problem Health problems Personal issues Bad habits Phobias Career problems Past choices Stress Overwhelmed Where are you most ambitious: relationships career job homelife friendships marriage children beauty exercise eating inside maintenance outside maintenance person maintenance place maintenance thing maintenance

Your new viewpoint: acceptance of yourself acceptance of others Spending too much time on others and not yourself Spending too much time on yourself and not on others Forward movement toward positive activities Forward movement toward negative activities

-Time management, how long with each: Family Friends Job Career Money Beauty Health Harmony Things Strangers

-When creating calmness in your life: Breathing deeply a few times a day Drinking more water Taking a walk Meditating Praying Writing in a Journal Creating a solution Creating plans Giving Hugs Offering Smiles Saying nice things to people Waving here or there to people Enjoying a color Enjoying nature Enjoying architecture Complimenting your kids Complimenting everyone

-Can you clearly say this is what I do now and I like it or I’d like to see a change: What are you doing now What job will you have next year What job will you have in 5 years What job will you have in 10 years Do you stay with a career Do you change careers often Do you like jobs Do you like responsibility Do you like to be a boss Are you a good boss Are you a good employee What makes you happy When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up What is your career What is your self confidence What is your earning potential What is your verve for life Are you a winner Are you sometimes winning Are you winning yet losing Are you losing but close to winning What could make you win What could make you content


*Using your Intuition: Using your intuition and psychic ability to move forward. Feeling good about the decisions you make. Knowing when wrong feelings happen they can indicate going in a wrong direction.

*When meditating, remember you’re going to go past your mind and it’s set ideas, and proceeding toward the heart, taking it deeper, releasing false sentiments and just float in your divinity, going deeper and deeper to your very essence. Reaching into the core of your being. Shift into knowing you will begin to float in calmness, replaced are gifts of knowledge and wisdom, quality of time and being one with your adventure on earth.

—– “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller


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