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Happy Full Wolf Moon

Full Wolf Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Wolf Moon (Native American) at 25* Cancer will culminate January 15, 2014 8:52pm PST/11:52pm EST (Farmers Almanac).

This Full Wolf Moon wants us to awaken to be active on what we’ve been communicating. It’s time to perform and not be stuck in a stalemate of unconstructive fear. Feel the ground beneath your feet, the earth feels good. Really take a moment to feel the ground. If you’ve been making plans, keep moving forward with grace and ease. We sometimes think it’s a hard road, but undeniably we can get in our own way. We have to generate our authenticity and wellbeing. We live among family and friends to bestow kindness and decency. After all they give us insight and inspiration with all the good and bad things they say and do. Think of all the negative responses that have given you ideas on what you want and why you want it. It’s carved out your individuality. Of course if brow beating goes on too long it can start to erode anyone’s character, as our hearts long for unconditional support and people who are genuine. It is always a sign to turn away where conditions are placed upon us, we are to go through the passage of change and again be in search of earth’s fortune. We exert effort and work efficiently where we are supported.

Are you living a real life yet or does it feel like a make-believe one. What choices are you making that you question. Did you really want another job than the one you have. Did you want another lover than the one you have. Did you want to live in another place than the place you live. Do you want to change your body. Do you want to change your friends. Do you want to pick up a hobby. Did you want to do something worthwhile and you’re stuck. What do you want? There should be no guilt or self-reproach. If you have a list of New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time to look at the list again and no more procrastination. You wrote down what you clearly want and it is the time to make a step toward those goals.

Everyone is taking notice this month, curiosity is in the air. You are illuminated and seen more visibly, and as with everyone you want to be encouraged. Clear the air – talk – don’t expect to be right but converse. Consciously act confident, “faking it until you make it” as you constructively and conversationally rearrange your words and deeds. Instead of being assertive, it’s about give and take…especially within the family and friend sphere. Within sentimentality lies progress, make the extra effort. Let the upsets and problems go to the wayside. Keep saying and doing good things, we will not live forever no matter if we think science will find a cure for death someday…someday will not be soon enough. We risk moving into an unknown future to create the life we want to live. As we grope in the dark, here are some “guidelines”: When we give, it will not be received in the same manner as we will perceive, stay open. Make the right choices, not the wrong ones. Say special nice-isms, be the fun person, achieve above and beyond but don’t forget to dance and play. No matter how world-weary you are…keep evolving into unfamiliar territory, mistakes cannot be redone. All that stumbling on your path were stepping stones. And as you continue on your path, every once in awhile – stop for a moment, expand your arms and your heart, breathe in and anticipate amazement and miracles…

Journal Questions:

Your list of friends

  1. What advice would you give them

  2. Would they apply it

  3. Would they be mad at you

  4. Do they need advice

  5. Do they give you advice

  6. Do you like it when they do

  7. Do you apply it in your life

Your list of Family

  1. What advice would you give them

  2. Would they apply it

  3. Would they be mad at you

  4. Do they need advice

  5. Do they give you advice

  6. Do you like it when they do

  7. Do you apply it in your life

Do you listen to your friends before your family

  1. why

Do you listen to your family before your friends

Are you leading a double life, wanting to live differently than your living

  1. why

  2. how

  3. love

  4. money

  5. job

  6. weight

  7. success

  8. happiness


Are you active in changing your life for better or worse

  1. what are your hobbies

  2. are they constructive

  3. are they destructive

How do you run away from yourself or your life

  1. are you an adrenaline junkie

  2. are you controlling

  3. are you mad all the time

  4. are you sad all the time

  5. are you too happy all the time

  6. are you careless

  7. are you reckless

  8. are you into over sensation

  9. are you into overt behavior

  10. are you into altercations

  11. are you boisterous

  12. are you overly excited

  13. are you meek

  14. are you over eating

  15. are you over stimulated

  16. are you lacking concentration

  17. are you fearful

  18. are you confused

  19. do you talk too much

  20. are you too silent

are you unbalanced

write about why

Are you lonely

  1. How can you change this

  2. Give yourself ideas

Speak up, be friendly, support groups, hobby groups, meet ups

Are you overworked and underappreciated, or too many problems

  1. How can you change this

  2. Give yourself ideas

  3. Take time for you, learn to say no, Rome wasn’t built in a day

  4. Creating good decisions

  5. Solving problems

  6. Rest, Take care of yourself

  7. Communicate without fear of judgment

  8. Focus

  9. Allow yourself to be stress free

  10. Open your mind

  11. Allow someone else to have their opinions

  12. Learn to laugh and have fun

  13. Don’t take things too seriously

  14. Know when to leave a situation

  15. Know when to give someone a hug

  16. Know when to tell someone something nice

  17. Know when to tell someone you love them

Explain who you are in your journal.

Where are you going:

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

If life was perfect where would you be:

  1. Spiritually

  2. Emotionally

  3. Intellectually

  4. Materially

  5. Physically

Be Unconditional, Love who you love. Be the Best. Take care of yourself. Move forward in Grace. Work Efficiently. Be Well. Be Happy. Trust the path of your life……..Have no regrets

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.”~Bob Moawad (American Motivator & Speaker 1941-2007)

Repost if you want

Although you would ideally do this meditation outTrack beneath the full moon, you can also experience it by imagining the moon and four directions as you are surrounded with magical energy … a rainbow of light. In the Goddess’ name, you open to the light. You can actually stand up and raise your palms to the sky or imagine this process of being energized and rejuvenated. Facing North you ask for solutions to your problems and experience many blessings. Facing East you seek solutions and prosperity while trusting yourself to make the right choices. Following many blessings, you turn to the South and ask for increased self-esteem and harmonious relationships with the people in your life. After the blessings, you turn to the West to face your destiny and ultimate potentials. Open your mind and release your courage. The ritual ends with the moon as your guiding light on the shadowed path. It illuminates your dreams as you walk steadfast and proceed on your earthly journey with an open heart. Track 2: A beautiful sleep programming version of the ritual. Listen as your cross over into sleep and explore the four directions into your dreams.

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