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13* Aquarius New Moon

13*Aquarius New Moon

By Tara Sutphen

 13* Aquarius New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating February 3, 2011. This Aquarius New Moon is about how you envision the future for yourself. Your destiny will enfold as your mind, voice and actions dictate. We can be in situations that we think or wish we didn’t put ourselves in. Do you stay stuck in the past, wishing for things to be different, speaking of days gone by, or converse of pain to dissect over and over. We want to tap into our emotions and feelings but we have to know when to let things go. Moving on and growing from the lessons that we’ve endured, making them “work for us instead of against us” time for newness and future possibilities. We have patterns and cycles, where sometimes we put ourselves and others down, or have a bleak outlook, instead of sparking conversation of ideas, hobbies and events. You know what hasn’t worked before. You may not tap into what doesn’t work for you, but you know, because it’s the pain and uneasy feelings. It’s the confusion and the chaos. It’s the anger and low self-esteem. Sometimes we don’t allow our best selves to shine, carrying neglect deep in our hearts and soul. Feeling unworthy to eat well, or to keep strong, disappointments bring judgment on ourselves and the people around us. And other people can spark that harshness. For others can break your heart if you allow them to do so, or make you cry in bitterness or anguish.

Do you put yourself in last place for everything, ie. love, money, food, fun, laughter, friendship, happiness. You may want and need to share, but be resourceful and good to yourself. Keeping a good attitude and changing to conscious behavior is a start…you can now begin to burst forth – just as spring in a few months. It’s easy to get stuck with the expectations of others and self-denial, it’s easy to fall into a rut and not make any moves to get out of the situations that have you programmed. How do you expect your life to look like, feel like, and be. It’s time to dream and speak of the future and move slowly in that direction.

You’ll need to take action, nothing overt, assess gentleness, resolve feelings and start to flow with facts. As daily we can accumulate more worry, paralyzing fear and uneasy feelings. All problems have solutions. Clarification brings sound resolution. Every day make a little effort to work at solving a problem or issues, adding a personal goal and aspiration. You don’t need to stumble anymore, feel guilty or pent up. Stay steady to being responsible to your life and others is important. We live up to being a good son or daughter, we live up to being a good father or mother, we live up to being a good friend, we live up to taking care of our loved ones, we live up to being part of a community, we live up to our better self if we allow ourselves to do so.

The sky is the limit, there are no barriers. Limitations are self-imposed. Stand up and breathe freedom. Breathe deep again and enrich your self-esteem. Breathe all the way to the bottom of your stomach. You can progress, cast away recklessness, abandonment, burdens or restless apprehension. Breathe in Life.

Journal Questions:

What are your goals?

  1. Job

  2. Career

  3. Talents

  4. Hobbies

  5. Love

  6. Adventures

  7. Vacations

  8. Money

  9. Living in a certain place


  1. What are the friend attributes you aspire

  2. Write out a friendship oath

Write out where you have limitations:

  1. Job

  2. Career

  3. Time

  4. Peace

  5. Love

  6. Money

  7. Extra money

  8. Past relationships

  9. Present relationships

  10. Children

  11. People who aren’t actualizing their lives and you step in to help

  12. Sickness

  13. Unhappiness

  14. Lack of patience

  15. Age

  16. Place

  17. Friends

  18. Expectations

  19. Not getting to do what you want

  20. Partying

  21. Vacations

  22. Sex

  23. physically

Answer the above list

  1. Are these limitations or situations?

  2. Are these responsibilities?

  3. Do you find balance or do you deny or go full throttle?

What do you abhor in others behavior?

  1. Unhappiness

  2. Laziness

  3. Stubbornness

  4. Things you have they want

  5. Money exchanging

  6. Time exchanging

  7. People who don’t wait for you

  8. People who don’t do for you

  9. Bullying

  10. Debating

  11. Denial

Are you organizing your future:

  1. Job

  2. School

  3. Money

  4. Happiness

  5. Worthiness

  6. Exercise

  7. Eating well

  8. Attentive

  9. Love

  10. Romance

  11. Parents

  12. Children

  13. Pets

  14. Garden

Romance (if you are or aren’t)

  1. Dress well

  2. Be kind

  3. Smell good

  4. Be open


How can you feel better about yourself:

  1. Join a gym

  2. Join a group

  3. Take a walk

  4. Read a book

  5. Talk to your friends on the internet

  6. Start working on a hobby

  7. Start working on a new career

  8. Start working on your marriage

  9. Start working on your romance

  10. Start working on a new acquisition

  11. Start thinking where you want to move

  12. Start thinking how to help yourself more

  13. Start thinking how to help loved ones more

  14. Start thinking how to help others more

  15. Start thinking how to help in the community

  16. Start thinking how to help in your state, country or world

  17. Learn new things

  18. Write poems

  19. Write love letters

  20. Do a physical sport

  21. Sing

  22. Smile

  23. Laugh

  24. Meditate

  25. Look at nature

  26. Look at beauty

  27. Be in appreciation

  28. Breathe in life

  29. Soak in a bath

Take time to groom

Stop feeling lack luster…take time for you, get a hobby or meet other’s. There are millions of people in the world. There are many lonely people waiting to be friends. There are people who need to slow down and enrich their lives with meaningful people around them. There is time to accomplish your goals and live a good life. They say Money isn’t grown on trees, but it is made easily…the earth is full of bounty and blessings and they are yours by birthright. It’s all about creating the live you long to live.

“There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”

~Friedrich von Schiller (German Poet, Dramatist, Philosopher and Historian. 1759-1805)

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