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13* Taurus New Moon

13* Taurus New Moon

By Tara Sutphen

 13* Taurus New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating May 3, 2011. This Taurus New Moon is all about security and how you survive on a daily basis. This can be about money, your job, how you present yourself, what title you position your job, what learning you’ve done to become a specialist or an authority. First you should have training. The objective and your course usually isn’t easily conquered in a week or a month, it can take a little while to become skilled at a craft or career. Leaping into anything only works sometimes, and very rarely. Establishing oneself from the ground up and everyday is a rendezvous of labor and effort, in some way. This is not always easy, yet we choose work for our well-being and most often it was our own choice. And if we find ourselves in situations that were not our selection, how do we create the life we want to live, so we don’t become full of angst and feeling stuck.

We can find what we are passionate about, having to make sure it’s a realistic or practical enough to establish. If we feel confused, we can ask our friends and family for their opinions. We may need to brace ourselves, as they may not coddle our feelings. But you do want to keep all of their views in mind. And there are ways to promote yourself and your business prospects. If it’s a good idea or vision you will be able to spark others with your enthusiasm or new found identity. Remembering to be subtle and richly share.

There are easy ways to exchange ideas and helpfulness, other’s follow the lead and begin to support what is needed. You notice when you are being enriched by others either spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically. Try to remain within these guidelines, using your intuition and gut reaction to positive outcome. When this isn’t the case and others are not willing to share or participate – especially if you are pulling more than half the load, it could be time to admit they need to learn without you. Many people can resent you or the situation, if you give, give, give and it may be you projecting on them your need to be liked or accepted. Recognize when you are not letting go of someone needing to find their own path. We want control, but we also want what is right for those we like or feel devotion toward.

Communicating how we present ourselves can be important. Being who we want to become is central.

Journal Questions:

Security & Money – Write out your list

Each area of life – What are the benefits and write out your next plan of action.

  1. Job

  2. Career

  3. Talents

  4. Hobbies

  5. Love

  6. Adventures

  7. Vacations

  8. Money

  9. Living in a certain place

  10. Time


  1. Write out your career quote

Speak your truth…Write your truth

  1. Job

  2. Career

  3. Time

  4. Peace

  5. Love

  6. Money

  7. Extra money

  8. Past relationships

  9. Present relationships

  10. Children

  11. People who aren’t actualizing their lives and you step in to help

  12. Sickness

  13. Unhappiness

  14. Lack of patience

  15. Age

  16. Place

  17. Friends

  18. Expectations

  19. Not getting to do what you want

  20. Partying

  21. Vacations

  22. Sex

  23. Physically

  24. Unhappiness

  25. Laziness

  26. Stubbornness

  27. Things you have they want

  28. Money exchanging

  29. Time exchanging

  30. People who don’t wait for you

  31. People who don’t do for you

  32. Bullying

  33. Debating

  34. Denial

  35. Job

  36. School

  37. Money

  38. Happiness

  39. Worthiness

  40. Exercise

  41. Eating well

  42. Attentive

  43. Love

  44. Romance

  45. Parents

  46. Children

  47. Pets

  48. Garden

 How is this gaining money, security or self-esteem yourself

  1. Join a gym

  2. Join a group

  3. Take a walk

  4. Read a book

  5. Talk to your friends on the internet

  6. Start working on a hobby

  7. Start working on a new career

  8. Start working on your marriage

  9. Start working on your romance

  10. Start working on a new acquisition

  11. Start thinking where you want to move

  12. Start thinking how to help yourself more

  13. Start thinking how to help loved ones more

  14. Start thinking how to help others more

  15. Start thinking how to help in the community

  16. Start thinking how to help in your state, country or world

  17. Learn new things

  18. Write poems

  19. Write love letters

  20. Do a physical sport

  21. Sing

  22. Smile

  23. Laugh

  24. Meditate

  25. Look at nature

  26. Look at beauty

  27. Be in appreciation

  28. Breathe in life

  29. Soak in a bath

  30. Take time to groom oneself

Freedom to have which job you like.

Make a list – Is it close to what job you have now – how must it change?

 “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” ~Voltaire

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