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14*Libra New Moon

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14* Libra New Moon By Tara Sutphen

15* Libra New Moon (no moon – starry dark sky, the time of dreaming), culminating October 7, 2010. This Libra New Moon is about taking action and paying attention to you. Assessing your sensibilities and needs, what inner work do you need to do on you. Are you being nice to yourself, I mean really nice. We can get caught up with a lot of busy activity and not focus on clearing up our frustrations or anxiousness. Where do we need to re-stabilize, and bring harmony into depth of being. We can remain a mystery even to ourselves unless we tune in. Tuning in instead of tuning out, why is it that we can see into others problems but sometimes we just can’t seem to fix our self. The stress that accumulates in our lives needs to be set free. How do we leave behind everything that holds us locked up and unable to function, or interact the way we want things to turn out. Are there simple tricks and anecdotes or will it be grueling hard work that will take years to accomplish a sense of rightness and peace. And what does it matter. We see plenty of people that don’t work on their inner child or their inner adult. They seem to meander and make a lot of mistakes and sometimes we think they get along just fine with all the problems. We see plenty of others who have never awakened to a spiritual connection, they do what they do. But why are you compelled to know more, dig deeper, is it to access the knowledge that this vast universe may hold. Basically I do think we know when we leave this existence we will carry thoughts, sentiments, and any unrest. We will carry our feelings and love. For this new moon, you’re going to focus on the real you, the truth that lies deep within. To balance the outer and the inner you is to be in wellness, striving for clear thinking and oneness with body, mind and spirit. To flow in your environment and everyday life. Letting burdens of the modern world slip away. Breathing in harmony and exhaling chaos, going deep within and opening your mind. Recognizing your soul and it’s callings and resplendence.

Journal Questions:

Describe the ‘Inner You’?

Are you tuning into yourself too much or too little?

How many times a week are you releasing stress? In what way do you release stress?

  1. Exercise,

  2. inner dialogue

  3. meditation

  4. arguing

  5. ignoring

  6. processing

  7. dialogue with others

Can you take advice well? Why or why not? Do you need to learn the hard way and why?

What person, place or thing brings you the most contentment?  Why?

What activity makes you feel peaceful?

How do you feel you escape your problems?

Do you intellectualize your problems?

Do you feel too much or too little about the important issues in your life?

How are you working them out?

  1. Meditation

  2. Counseling

  3. Unsettled behavior

  4. Over reactions

  5. Under reactions

  6. Busy errands

  7. Crying

  8. Irrational

  9. Realistic

  10. Steps to solve

If you are taking steps to solve your problems or issues.

What steps are you taking

Step 1 – 10

It can start with panic, but should end in balance and a realistic ending.


  1. Home

  2. Inner

  3. Outer

  4. Personal

  5. Secret

  6. Love

  7. Health

  8. Work

  9. Career

  10. Success

  11. Friendship

  12. Family

  13. Sexual

  14. Overweight

  15. Bad habit

  16. Exercise

  17. Alcohol

  18. Drugs

  19. Learning

  20. Self esteem

  21. Confidence

  22. Money

  23. Anxiousness

  24. Frustration

  25. Overwrought

  26. Grief

  27. Non issue but making a dilemma

  28. Boredom

  29. Panic

  30. Out of control situation

  31. Holding on

  32. Letting go

Confidently write down why you deserve:

  1. Love

  2. Money

  3. Wellness

  4. Happiness

  5. Playfulness

  6. Wisdom

  7. Contentment

“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don’t turn away from possible futures before you’re certain you don’t have anything to learn from them.”

~ Richard Bach (American Writer)

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