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25*Pisces New Moon

25*Pisces New Moon By Tara Sutphen

25* Pisces New Moon this month (no moon – the time of dreaming), culminating March 15, 2010. The Pisces new moon is about your connection with others on the deepest and darkest level. Where does fantasy or delusions about family, friends, lovers, or co-workers hamper with your need to be real and attain satisfaction in your every day life. Is there emotional pay offs in your mind. Do you have a deep mental state or are you skimming the surface trying to push away any real emotional attachments. Where do you begin and end, mentally and emotionally. Can you feel happiness anymore or is that a thing of the past. Is stress ruining your appreciation of other people around you. Do you take the “No” word to the extreme now and close off everything that could be a chance of communication with others or taking risks. It’s imperative to have good judgement over your life, especially your finances and safety, but changing gently is important for our growth. To find fulfillment and contentment is good for the soul. Easily we see the faults of others, how about our own faults. Are you receptive, excited and personally available. How have you closed down. Why aren’t you taking the ride of life. Where have you lost being friendly or cordial. Where have you lost romance. Where do lack happiness. You can have them everyday, they are ‘free’ commodities and advantages. No one can take them from you. You use to have the eyes of wonder. Everything around you was stimuli and sensation, why aren’t you experiencing that today. It’s time to open your eyes, ears and feelings once again. Take a deep breath and reactivate the lost parts of yourself. It will be worth it. Remember to not only dream and wish, you are here to LIVE.

Journal Questions:

Where am I lost in the deep murk of feelings? Did I stop to think that holding back my feelings for the benefit of pleasing others or focusing on others that don’t reciprocate my feelings, would cut off my flow of living a life I deserve to live? Did I trade drama and trauma for rich fulfilling friendships, co-working, family interests and love? Be specific on what you gain and what you feel is lost. What do I ignore in my love relationships? What do I ignore in family relationships? Do I communicate my needs? Do I whine about my needs, hoping that others will hear me? Do I close down and feel pressure to assert myself or my desires? Who makes me feel guilty? What makes me feel guilty? What can I do to bring back my sense of balance? To bring peace into my life? To bring a sense of fun to my life? What do I do for fun? Why don’t I do for fun anymore? If it’s not good for you, how can you modify the fun? Are you addicted to over reaction and drama? Do you not feel loved or wanted if there is not drama? Where have you made painful mistakes? In Love? In Family relationships? In Co working peacefully and easy competitiveness? In friendship? You must come back to what you need in life to create security, real happiness, contentment and fulfillment. It’s not about how others treat or treated you, its how you react when people around you overreact or sometimes underreact. Maybe in your mind you relive what you should’ve said or wanted to act out. Or regret that you freeze, panic, or become outraged in intense situations. Where are you staying stuck in that emotion though deep within and not moving on to a next stage. It’s a part of life to experience ups and downs, learn to communicate openly with yourself. Time to be honest what is a fantasy, what is a delusion. How can I move myself into participating fully in my life. Write down 16 suggestions on how I can recreate my perspective about others. Even if they’ve gone on. Write down what your life looks like in 5 years. Family relationships, Love relationships, friends, job, co-working, how you would serve others, how they would serve you. Where do you live, what does your house look like, what car do you drive, where is your health and self esteem, how much money do you make, what spiritual practice and recreation do you do. The perfect life for you……..

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