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A Year to Look Forward to

Putting the Love In

This Christmas has been wonderful, I hope you all enjoyed your festive season as well. I’ve taken a little break from the blog – largely because I couldn’t actually get to the computer! It’s this time of the year that storage really becomes an issue with me and when I finally take down all the decorations (today) I feel ready to freshen things up, to create some space and to PUT EVERYTHING AWAY!

feather wreath

Over the last few weeks of crazy spending (on other people) I’ve been thinking about what were my favourite homewares purchases of 2014. I had a holiday in the South of France over the summer and came home with two oversized cushions for my bed. They were designed to cover my pillows and to make the bed more glamorous. Job done, but what I didn’t realise was how comfy they’d be to lean against and now almost…

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