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Astrology: Sun Sign Change

Astrology: Sun Sign change By Tara Sutphen

Ami asked me to explain the new sun signs change, as it is confusing her….Tara’s answer: When you are born your mathematics of your astrology are set…no matter what system of astrology that you decide to have for a reading. I use Western & Eastern Astrology combined. Some of the Ephemeris may be off for a progression, and isn’t readable unless you are an Astrology student. The Astrology computer software companies calculate to the new mathematics w. updates. It really only affects the children born of tomorrow, readjusting the few degrees of the poles light arc from the sun and how it is calculated to the tropics and different latitude and longitude points, etc. That astronomer who muddied waters doesn’t follow astrology, he follows space and it’s phenomena. And…that’s wonderful. As we reach further into space some Astrology and it’s math need to be adjusted. They are also saying it’s 13 signs now, but the Julian/Gregorian Calendar made it 12. Asia & Middle East were never on the Western Calendar system…they may have adapted….bottom line…we look at the fun of new discoveries and see if they mean anything to us. As an Esoteric Astrologer I’m a reader of mathematics, the names of things mean nothing – the calculations are everything. I look forward to the research 🙂 I hope this helps.

XO Tara XO

As the great Astrologer Terry Nazon says….Real Astronomers wouldn’t concern themselves w/Sidereal Astrology they would try to discover new planets, stars & life on other planets.

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