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Attuning to the Present

Attuning to the Present

by Tara Sutphen

Attuning oneself to be present, while in the knowledge of the past and future is mindfulness. You can sit with yourself for a moment, meditate if it feels right and bring yourself to check in. Monitor how you feel, what you want, why you want it, is the day a good day and how to change it, if it isn’t. You are to be in the what’s happening of the “Now”.

Your assignment is to create a resolve by keeping your mind moving forward in a reassuring direction. Quieting your inner chatter. Calmly listening to your emotional harmony on a deeper level. Tuning into your heart beating. Integrating with the natural sounds around you. Attune… to you and your inner light.

Breathe deeply and practice being open and free from obstructions. The only thing that matters right now is your breathe and heart rate. You will be receptive upcoming of handling each new experience in an effective and conflict-free way.


  1. Sit or stand comfortably with your eyes shut or gazing for a few moments or minutes, breathing deeply, being relaxed and at ease.

  2. Listen easily and gently to where you are, and your environment around you. Remember to let the noise calm you, as you reframe it and allowing your viewpoint to change.

  3. If you start to challenge and chatter at yourself, bring your attention back to something lovely or positive. (no judgement, gossip, disharmony or bills, as they don’t matter in this moment).

  4. You are to give yourself a sweet talk and say, “I’ve got this”, “keep smiling”, “dare to be different”,“there are solutions near” “be the bigger person”, “You are strong”, “life is beautiful”, “life is an adventure”, etcetera.

  5. Practice being mindful in different locations. Needing to regroup is normal and should be done a few times a day.

  6. You’ll notice you have much more composure if you practice mindfulness.

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