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Colour Me Happy

When I wander about in London I’m always captivated by houses that have been painted in colours that are a bit more daring, a little different from the norm. Ok, some don’t quite hit the mark like the magenta house in Wimbledon or the BRIGHT yellow one in Battersea, but others attract attention in a good way and really make the most of a property. After my windows are replaced, I’ll be painting the exterior of the house too, so now is the time for me to decide what colour I’ll go for. It’s not an easy decision!

painted street front, Thaxted Essex

Clapham, London

I have to admit that I love colour and right now my house is yellow, which is not my favourite. So how do I play this? Embrace colour and be bold – or choose a neutral and blend in with the rest of the street?…

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