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Full Cold Moon & Total Eclipse

Full Cold Moon By Tara Sutphen

The Cold Moon is at 29* Gemini will culminate December 21, 2010 12:51pm pst/ 3:51am est (almanac). Not only is the moon full, there will be a total eclipse on the Winter Solstice. The Cosmos is christening you for a great awakening, if you can be open to your own light and self expression. You are an organic being interwoven with specific phases of the living world and universe, Earth and the Moon turn together, as though they are dancing.Yule begins and is the celebration of light. Coming out of the darkest day-night of the year we will begin to gain more minutes of sunlight each day. Yule is a pagan holiday where the people of Europe and Scandinavia made festive, it is not considered religious. The pagans were naturalists, such as the Native Americans and other indigenous communities around the world. They followed the course of the sun, the moon and cycles of the seasons for planting food and generally planning survival strategy. As winter comes we recognize our need to rest our minds, hearts and bodies while warming at the hearth. And we are mindful we have the added eclipse, which means something needs to be taken away to make whole or pure again. Individually this will means something different for each of us. The astrological aspects point to renewing personal truth. Taking the blinders off to contemplate and allow our personality and appearance to shine. This isn’t a time to be too lax or too stern with yourself, it’s about opening to the opportunities and possibilities presented to you. Revving your internal engines to rethink and grow. Where have you missed cues and subtleties. Have you been asking yourself questions as to why you’ve been ram-rodding what you want or wanted and you got exactly that. Are you rethinking what is right and what is wrong for your reality. Have you been living a lie or idly waiting for change. Have you been living too sparsely and not asking the universe for enough? Sometimes we even do the opposite of what may be good for us. We have all dealt with some boring situations, weird events and worst case scenarios. Are they to bring us out of our reverie to better circumstances? Usually we must observe where the lesson needed to be learned, comprehending yet honoring our personal journey. Maybe those who sometimes sit in emotional pain have been protected. We can get what we ask for…but there’s the old adage of “be careful what you wish for”. Be thoughtful as the path of destiny is different for each person. We don’t necessarily want to be in other’s karma or issues. You may not get people or circumstances in the exact way you long for, take the time to figure it out, time gives us a chance to either wait or work it out. Allow all poison to seep out of emotional wounds and physical laments. We’re brave from contests, but it’s time to win. Being aware of waning physical health mean you are to start a program the first of the year to correct it. Sticking to regimes of better living can be hard at first, but you are giving up self-deprecating sabotage. If you are worrying about money, find solutions to enhance your career or take the time to learn a new job or task. Before you came to earth you summoned certain people, places, events and things. Mainly out of bravery that you could handle “anything”. Acknowledge how your vitality can be full and enriching, you want to live the greatest life. Own the statement and sentiment “I want to live the most Amazing Beautiful Existence”. You ask for wisdom, be open to receive. The moon is your personal spotlight upon the earth, Sorce the Moon…

Journal Questions:

How are you clearing your life? • Physical level • Emotional level • Intellectual level • Spiritual level What are you accumulating in your life? • Happiness • Wholesomeness • Contentedness • Money • Love • Family • Friends • Awareness • Wisdom Explain your emotional needs with this list: • Parents • Children • Lovers • Spouses • Friendships • People • Places • Career Choices

Explain your needs of clear communication with this list: • Parents • Children • Lovers • Spouses • Friendships • People • Places • Career Choices

Explain your needs of time and attention with this list: • Parents • Children • Lovers • Spouses • Friendships • People • Places • Career Choices

What do others expect from you on this list: • Parents • Children • Lovers • Spouses • Friendships • People • Places • Career Choices

Write a few sentences to analyze: • What fears has the media, economy and politics created in you? • What is real in your life and what is hoax? • Where are you sidetracking? • Do you worry about issues you can’t control? • Are you taking care of your personal life and relationships? • Are you only sitting in a puddle of worry? • Are you creating change and proactive solutions? • How do you create proactive movement to secure your place in your environment or country? • How do you create Love? • How do you create Peace? • How do you create Harmony? • How do you create workable solutions? • Do you take risks? • When you fight in the home, do you always need to be right? • What is right? • What if you are wrong or being emotional, can you come clean – at least with yourself? • Can you apologize? • Can you clearly create a new fine day? • Can you let all the unneeded upheaval you’ve experienced to live tomorrow successfully? How do you want: 3 – 10 sentences • Love • Money • Wellness • Happiness • Playfulness • Wisdom • Contentment

Problems: • What is the style of communication • Are they aware of your feelings • Are you aware of their feelings • What is the compromise • Resolution

Love Behavior: • What is the style of communication • Are they aware of your feelings • Are you aware of their feelings • What is the compromise • Resolution

Speak clearly and precisely, activating your voice at it’s highest level. You are a clear thinking human, there is no confusion. NO CONFUSION. This magical time of using the force of nature to help you energetically wash free what holds you down and holds you back. You are born for a purpose. You are a divine human.

“Who loves not a false imagining, an unreal character in us; but looking through all the rubbish of our imperfections, loves in us the divine ideal of our natures – not the man that we are, but the angel that we may be.” ~Alfred, Lord Tennyson (English poet, 1809-1892) Total Eclipse Times of over North America Event PST (-8 UTC) MST (-7 UTC) CST (-6 UTC) EST (-5 UTC) Start penumbral (P1) 9:27 pm (*) 10:27 pm (*) 11:27 pm (*) 12:27 am Start umbral (U1) 10:32 pm (*) 11:32 pm (*) 12:32 am 1:32 am Start total (U2) 11:40 pm (*) 12:40 am 1:40 am 2:40 am Greatest eclipse 12:17 am 1:17 am 2:17 am 3:17 am End total (U3) 12:53 am 1:53 am 2:53 am 3:53 am End umbra (U4) 2:02 am 3:02 am 4:02 am 5:02 am End penumbral (P4) 3:06 am 4:06 am 5:06 am 6:06 am (*) before midnight on Monday night, December 20

visible to North America, South America – North-Eastern Asia

note: you may repost


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