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Full Dog Days Moon


Full Dog Days Moon

By Tara Sutphen

Full Dog Days Moon (Colonial American) at 10* Aquarius will culminate August 1, 2012 8:28P.M. Pacific/11:28P.M.. Eastern (Almanac).

This Full Dog Days Moon is about focusing intention on possibilities. Who are you going to be when you grow up. What do you want and why do you want it. What does the future hold in your life. Observing also this year’s moon is falling on the Celtic Sabbat Day of Lughnasadh – Day of the Harvest. Lugh is considered “the Shining One” – God of Technology, fitting as Aquarius is connected with our course of action. We are getting a double whammy to “open up”, don’t become stuck. Take a chance, become who you long to be, evolve to be a part of your family, community and the world. Claim your place and knowing you belong here on earth. We deserve a wonderful life and to help others along to live a celebrated life too. The old paradigm is not necessarily what works all the time, there are things to leave in place and there is room to change. We must create a hale and hearty place for ourselves and our generations to come. Clean water, Food, Shelter, Security, creating a family – these factors will never go out of vogue. These goals give us all a target.

Direction, Course, Aim … If you are disoriented, you must start making solid decisions. There are great minds in active service, offering new development and sources of technology, medicines, engineering, manufacturing and production. New ways to clean water, progress nutrition, cultivate food…there is innovation, not necessarily know how. Engage your mind with your proactive movement, creating the future you dream. We sometimes think we are going in a good direction, but we may do a number of wrong steps. Such as giving away time and energy away for free, over-socializing, procrastinating, never knowing what is wanted, or having a speak of ideas but not putting them in to action. You know if you are over-compromising, being lazy, or undirected. You may be doing your share of a job, but find yourself alone and needing help. Are you letting life make decisions for you instead of you making decisions. Security isn’t so much about money, our society bases much on financial haggling but there are ways to trade and bring our lifestyles into balance. There is always a resolution and ways out of every circumstance. Sometimes we must go with tradition and other times it’s a good idea to come up with thinking outside the box. Elevate your actions, act in your best self interest and for the good of those you love. Reach up and touch your forehead, remind yourself you are a clear thinking human. Clear thinking…

Journal Questions:

Daily journal homework:

  1. Time to day dream

  2. Write down the day dreams

  3. Which are far fetched

  4. Which are feasible

  5. Which day dreams would take money to achieve

  6. Which day dreams would take ingenuity to achieve

  7. Which day dreams would take time to achieve

  8. Which day dreams would take action to achieve

  9. What stops you from becoming who you want to be

  10. What stops you from doing what you want to do

  11. What stops you from being on a happy journey

  12. Where in the past have you created road blocks for yourself

  13. What secret do you want to come true in your future

  14. Is it far fetched

  15. Is it feasible

  16. Write something nice about yourself

  17. Write something nice about your future

  18. Write something nice about your family or friends in your future

Write a lengthy note to yourself projecting how you want your life to be in 5 years…

The Future can unfold with our spirit intact, as life is not easy for any of us. When we stay true to a certain level-headedness, knowing there is cleansing after the storms of life. We can choose how we view benevolence. Not every move or reaction we make will be right, but we must try to be our very best. Giving our self the outlook to be inspired with innovators, knowledge and possibilities, to act in accordance and begin to journey in life’s enchantment and benefit. Knowing every stumbling block becomes an opportunity. Faith blossoms.

“Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure.” ~Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. 1879-1955)

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Standing Before The Moon Ritual

Standing Before

The Moon Ritual Meditation & Sleep Programming

Although you would ideally do this meditation outTrack beneath the full moon, you can also experience it by imagining the moon and four directions as you are surrounded with magical energy … a rainbow of light. In the Goddess’ name, you open to the light. You can actually stand up and raise your palms to the sky or imagine this process of being energized and rejuvenated. Facing North you ask for solutions to your problems and experience many blessings. Facing East you seek solutions and prosperity while trusting yourself to make the right choices. Following many blessings, you turn to the South and ask for increased self-esteem and harmonious relationships with the people in your life. After the blessings, you turn to the West to face your destiny and ultimate potentials. Open your mind and release your courage. The ritual ends with the moon as your guiding light on the shadowed path. It illuminates your dreams as you walk steadfast and proceed on your earthly journey with an open heart. Track 2: A beautiful sleep programming version of the ritual. Listen as your cross over into sleep and explore the four directions into your dreams.

also available in CD

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