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Full Dog Days Moon

Full Dog Day’s Moon

By Tara Sutphen

Full Dog Day’s Moon (colonial) at 20* Aquarius will culminate August 13, 2011 11:57am pdt/ 2:57pm edt (almanac). This Full Moon is an opportunity to be open and trust your future. No more pessimism or “I can’t”. You are born of the earth and your two feet are on the ground…start walking your talk and talking your walk. Life is meant to be lived. We go through blocks and sour people along our way, and it’s time to stop letting them knock you down. Get up, brush off and start moving forward.

How bad do problems have to get before concentrated effort of changing what you can. And if you can’t transform people or your circumstances, where do you make adjustments for you. What has to happen before you make a distinction of people, jobs, and behaviors. What feedback do you need. Are you staying in relationships and jobs that are only tolerable or satisfactory. Is the unrest with you, the circumstances or the job? Sometimes situations seem irredeemable. Do you fix it or let it go.

If you aren’t examining your reactions, and you find yourself anxious or frustrated, you could be letting life happen to you, instead of making the power of a choice. Living life a lot of the time feels like a pretend atmosphere. We have to work at keeping life “real”. Set up a list of your ideas and ideals. See if they are close to what you are living and experiencing and if not, you’ll need to adjust to feel more in control and less stuck with unfinished business. Start living a more suitable life. In the light of the moon you have a brighter vision of your tomorrow. You are actively seeking to bring yourself to a high prospective and living life to your fullest potential.

Journal Questions:


(write in depth…where you are honest and where you give yourself ‘white lies’)

Being honest with yourself

Being honest in your relationships

Being honest in your job choice

Being honest about your health

List of your Ideas and Ideals












What has to happen before you’ll change?







Write 3 sentences about your future with each level

 • Physical level

• Emotional level

• Intellectual level

 • Spiritual level

Write about your future with each question

What is real in your life and what is wishful thinking?

Where are you sidetracking?

Do you worry about issues you can’t control?

What seems out of reach?

Are you taking care of your personal life and relationships?

Are you only sitting in a puddle of worry?

Are you creating change and proactive solutions?  

How do you create proactive movement to secure your place in your environment or country? 

How do you create workable solutions?

Do you take risks?

When you fight on the job, do you always need to be right?

What is right?

What if you are wrong or being emotional, can you come clean – at least with yourself?

Can you apologize?

Can you clearly create a new fine day?

Can you let all the unneeded upheaval you’ve experienced to live tomorrow successfully?

Where do you shine in your life








Write 10 things you desire in your future – write a story of successful conclusion for each.

We promise ourselves to change tomorrow…and we linger and it can pass us day after day. You can feel in your heart and mind what things are right and what things are wrong for you. Move forward easily, it is your birthright upon the earth to live a beautiful life.

“To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it the more fit for its prime function of looking forward” ~ Margaret Fairless Barber (7 May 1869 – 24 August 1901)

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