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Full Oak Moon


Full Oak Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Oak Moon (English Medieval) at 14* Gemini will culminate December 6, 2014 4:27am PST/ 7:27am EST (Farmers Almanac).

This is really the time to communicate on a higher level. No matter what you’ve been feeling, it’s no longer about the process. You’ve had time to access your emotions and your either going round and round, made major mistakes or find yourself confused. Everyone has worries to work out. And now this moon says, it’s about your actions and how you speak to others. Your going to speak your truth with compassion. The holidays open a perfect platform to say the right thing at the right time. That’s not saying the wrong thing to someone who has upset or frustrated you. You stop your judgements and start ascending to the next level. It’s about walk your talk and talk your walk. You are either an awakened being or your one of the groundlings. Those people who sit around and take from others, fight or fuss, thinking they are always right and wanting to win at all costs. You are given shamanic signs to turn away from such people when you feel angry, upset or hurt. Didn’t you try and give them good advice or share a story. Haven’t you done enough for them already. If people don’t listen, it’s okay. If they are takers, don’t let them take from you anymore. The internet came and offers millions of solutions each and every minute for anyone with a problem.

During the holidays there will be plenty of people to offer solace, peace or a blessing. It is you now going to your next level. Breathe deep, be a good to great listener, bless others silently and out loud – knowing you will say the right thing at the right time. Expect kindness, graciousness & miracles…

Journal Questions:

Paragraph + for each question.

When do you have the most fun

What do you talk about

who do you like to talk to

How do you spend your leisure time

Does it take lots of energy

Are you revived and replenished afterwards

Are you drained

What kind of problems/worries do you have:

  1. People problems

  2. Money problems

  3. Relationship problems

  4. Health problems

  5. Personal issues

  6. Bad habits

  7. Phobias

  8. Career problems

  9. Past choices

  10. Stress

  11. Overwhelmed

Where is your most pleasant and easy communication skills:

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

—– “Years ago, I tried to top everybody, but I don’t anymore. I realized it was killing conversation. When you’re always trying for a topper you aren’t really listening. It ruins communication. ~Groucho Marx (American Comedian, actor & singer, 1890-1977

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