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Full Singing Moon


Full Singing Moon

By Tara Sutphen

The Full Singing Moon (Celtic) at 4* Aries will culminate, September 28, 2015 7:52pm PdT/10:52pm EdT (Farmers Almanac). This SuperMoon will be closer than other moons to earth – 356,877 kilometers (221,753 miles) away. This Full Moon is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. When we have an eclipse, it’s time to change or let go of something holding us back. It brings something exciting or illuminating to each of us. The “Blood” moon will be seen in a Tetrad phase of light, the same phenomenon observed every sunrise and sunset.

-It’s important family time, anything involving the home has a “green light”. If you’ve needed to make changes, now is the time to plan and act on them. Especially if you want more communication or togetherness with loved ones. You can plant a seed to cultivate emotional and intellectual connection toward manifestion. This can be in establishing routines, such as family or friend-family dinners, holidays and/or celebrations. Begin working on home projects, redecoration, revamping your home. You may be needing to change the structure of your family unit. Sometimes your friends are just as much your family. If you aren’t in a relationship, it’s time to start the process. This isn’t the time to overthink, this is the time ‘to do’. Take a step out your front door to meet others. When looking for love, there are no set limits, this being unconditional love. You don’t look for the perfect lover, instead you are perfect love. If you have to work on that…it’s okay, everyone does…

–Basically the moon aspect says you are leaving something behind, why don’t you choose ‘lack of confidence’ and then you can start fresh, get out there and mingle. Mingling can be easygoing comradery, opportunities for learning, healthful activities and being at your best. This is for the married couple and families, as well as singles. Get out there means taking a walk together, having a bbq in the backyard, asking questions at dinner, conversing without judgments, watching movies and playing board games, ectera… No overt drinking or getting into bad habits, know when ‘wayward fun’ such as using alcohol, drugs can bring quarrels, risky and rebellious behavior. Don’t overly protect yourself, but use your words and your brain, we know what bad behavior leads to. You know if you are either insulating yourself from people or choosing to be around anyone who gives you unbecoming attention or partiers. Intimacy isn’t telling someone your secrets, it’s conversing and sharing, giving and receiving, it’s listening and learning. Ask Questions… Remember there are billions of souls on the planet, there are many lonely people in the world who want to be loved. You were born to be a part of the world’s solution.

Journal Questions:

Paragraph+ for each question.

What do you want

  1. why

What is your Health like

  1. Have you begun to fix it

  2. How

What is your Love Life like

  1. Have you begun to fix it

  2. How

What does your Spiritual Life look like

  1. Have you begun to fix it

  2. How

What does your Career look like

  1. Have you begun to fix it

  2. How

What does your Money look like

  1. Have you begun to fix it

  2. How

What holds you back…

  1. People problems

  2. Money problems

  3. Relationship problems

  4. Health problems

  5. Personal issues

  6. Bad habits

  7. Phobias

  8. Career problems

  9. Past choices

  10. Stress

  11. Overwhelmed

Do you have healthy

  1. relationships

  2. career

  3. job

  4. homelife

  5. friendships

  6. marriage

  7. children

  8. beauty

  9. exercise

  10. eating

  11. inside maintenance

  12. outside maintenance

  13. person maintenance

  14. place maintenance

  15. thing maintenance

How to fix:

  1. Compassionate acceptance of yourself 

  2. Compassionate acceptance of others

  3. Spending too much time on others and not yourself

  4. Spending too much time on yourself and not on others

  5. Forward movement toward positive activities

  6. Forward movement toward negative activities

Are you too busy fixing others and not yourself or fixing yourself and not paying attenion to:

  1. Family

  2. Friends

  3. Job

  4. Career

  5. Money

  6. Beauty

  7. Health

  8. Harmony

  9. Things

  10. Strangers

Who means most:

  1. why

  2. Family

  3. Friends

  4. Job

  5. Career

  6. Money

  7. Beauty

  8. Health

  9. Harmony

  10. Things

  11. Strangers

Do you exercise or take care of yourself:

  1. How

  2. Breathing deeply a few times a day

  3. Drinking more water

  4. Taking a walk

  5. Meditating

  6. Praying

  7. Writing in a Journal

  8. Creating a solution

  9. Creating plans

  10. Giving Hugs

  11. Offering Smiles

  12. Saying nice things to people

  13. Waving here or there to people

  14. Enjoying a color

  15. Enjoying nature

  16. Enjoying architecture

  17. Complimenting your kids

  18. Complimenting everyone

There is always a way out of a seemingly dead end, it takes being proactive, making sound decisions and moving the body for positive change. There is moderation in everything, there is balance in what we need to feel our very best. Even when acting out sometimes feels invigorating, it can be foolish to upset others, or confuse the mind with irrational or justifying arguments. We reap what we sow. –

—– The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialized – and never knowing” ~David Viscott – Author & Radio Host

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In the US, Canada, and Central and South America, this rare Total Lunar Eclipse of a Supermoon will begin on the evening of September 27, 2015. In Europe, South/East Asia, Africa, the Arctic, and in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans it starts after midnight on September 28, 2015.

Also called a Blood Moon this eclipse will last for about 1 hour and 12 minutes.

When the Eclipse Happens Worldwide

Lunar eclipses look approximately the same all over the world and happen at the same time.

The times displayed are accurate to around 2-3 seconds. EventUTC TimeTime in Los Angeles*Visible in Los AngelesPenumbral Eclipse beginsSep 28 at 12:11:47 AMSep 27 at 5:11:47 PMNo, below horizonPartial Eclipse beginsSep 28 at 1:07:13 AMSep 27 at 6:07:13 PMNo, below horizonFull Eclipse beginsSep 28 at 2:11:12 AMSep 27 at 7:11:12 PMYesMaximum EclipseSep 28 at 2:47:09 AMSep 27 at 7:47:09 PMYesFull Eclipse endsSep 28 at 3:23:05 AMSep 27 at 8:23:05 PMYesPartial Eclipse endsSep 28 at 4:27:05 AMSep 27 at 9:27:05 PMYesPenumbral Eclipse endsSep 28 at 5:22:31 AMSep 27 at 10:22:31 PMYes

* The Moon is below the horizon in Los Angeles some of the time, so that part of the eclipse is not visible.

The magnitude of the eclipse is 1.276.

The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 11 minutes.

The total duration of the partial phases is 2 hours, 8 minutes.

The duration of the full eclipse is 1 hour, 12 minutes.

Next Total Lunar Eclipse will be on Jan 31, 2018.

NOTE: Patrick Smith Memorial

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